Toasted Foot Supporters

We’d like to take a minute to say thank you to our sponsors…

…and to tell you a little bit about them as well. We’ve been very fortunate to have a great team of sponsors that we are very proud to display on our website. In random order, here is a little more information about our team.

La Garita Cigar Company (Falto Cigars) –
Luis Falto is one of my favorite guys in the cigar business. He’s one sharp cat – a graduate of Georgetown in D.C., after graduation he wanted to create that perfect cigar. Luis was the the very first supporter of Toasted Foot, sharing his entire catalog of cigars with us, and becoming our first official sponsor on the website.

Jameson Cigar Company –
If you’re on Twitter, you more than likely have had a conversation with Brad Mayo, owner of Jameson. Brad is only in his mid/late 20s, and already has established himself in the top of the class of new cigar brand owners. We’ve really enjoyed his releases thus far and we were thrilled to have him come on board recently.

Miami Cigar & Company –
It’s hard to describe the feeling we had when Jason at MCC first contacted us about becoming a sponsor – we were ecstatic. The fellas at MCC and La Aurora are all amazing guys and so incredibly accessible, despite their insane travel and blending schedules. MCC has put out more releases over the last 12-18 months than any other distributer I know, and we’ve enjoyed them all.

AJ’s Cigar –
The first email I exchanged with Andrew over at AJ’s demonstrated his commitment to offering great prices on some of the best selling cigars around.  We even had to create a new ad size to accommodate AJ’s request! Andrew was kind enough to open his entire catalog up to us, to request samples for sponsored reviews.

Cigars Direct –
One of the coolest sponsorship arrangements we have is with Cigars Direct. Each month we receive a surprise 5 pack of cigars in the mail. It’s my favorite package to open, and the two of us always scrap over who gets what. It’s like Christmas each month!

D’Crossier Cigars –
Our first conversation with Santana at D’Crossier was in regard to their new releases, which we were head over heals for. In fact, one of his blends is likely going to crack our Top Cigars of the Year. Santana has been great, and signed a full year’s contract to be a part of our team! And we are very happy to have him.

Cigars, Etc. –
We just recently came in contact with Cigars, Etc. and our relationship is in the blossoming stage! Do take the time to visit their website, where you’ll find a wide array of cigars and cigars accessories. They’ve also got some pretty good daily specials.

1st Class Cigar Humidors –
This is a fun sponsor to have and kind of rounds out our team. If you’re looking for a humidor, of any shape, size, or color, I’d be willing to bet you’ll be able to find it at 1st Class’ website. My newest humidor, a 600 ct. end table, is from them, and I’ve had nothing but positive things to say about it – I love it!

  • Visit 1st Class Cigar Humidors online.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know our team of sponsors a little bit better. Their ads stay parked on the right side of our website at all times.

Most of all, a big thanks goes out to you, our readers. Without you, there would be no desire for anyone to join us as a sponsor! We mean it, we really do – thank you, thank you, thank you!