A Look Inside EP Carrillo’s Aging Room

Tuesday afternoon Enersto Carrillo posted a picture of their new aging room on Facebook and Twitter and you could hear all the jaws dropping! Immediately everyone started commenting at what a sight it was. I sent Ernesto a message via Twitter and asked if he’d share with our readers a little bit about their aging room, and asked if I could re-post the pictures. Ernesto, not surprisingly, was gracious to the request. I asked Ernesto if visitors to the factory would have access to tour the room and grab a sample, and he said they would – similar to what many have done in the Escaparate room at CAO Headquarters.

You can visit EP Carrillo online or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

From Ernesto Perez-Carrillo:

The aging room has been a work in process of almost 1 year. I wanted to make it special, not only for a place to store cigars but to showcase them. The room is all cedar as are the bins. The floor is Cuban tiles, with the design dating back to the early 1900 ‘s; they were made in Dominican Republic by a company that has the rights to the design for Cuban tiles. It has an air handler which is constantly moving the air and keeps the humidity at about 70.

We age all our cigars for a minimum of 21 days and in some vitolas 30 days. Besides the cedar, the room is also insulated to keep the room fresh. There is no smoking in the aging room, the only place in the factory, so as to not take anything away from cedar. This room was made for our customers; when they visit us they can enjoy as much as I do this very special aging room. At the present we can age about 600,000 cigars in the space.