Cigar Review: Primo Del Rey Maduro

Size: 6×44, Casadores

Wrapper: Mexican Morron Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran

Strength: Mild

Price: Box of 50, $92.95 (Purchase)

Grade: 7.8

Produced in Honduras, by Altadis USA, the Primo Del Rey is available in both an Ecuadorian Connecticut and a Mexican Morron Maduro wrapper. The brand was introduced in the early 1960s, and gave way to other premium cigar brands. The Maduro, which we are reviewing today, is more limited than the Natural in size, and is only available in three – Cazadores, Toro, and Robuto.

You can view more information on the brand on Altadis’ website, here.

Today’s review was provided by one of our sponsors, AJ’s Cigars.

Pre-light, 1.6:
Though the Primo Del Rey sports a Maduro wrapper, the color carries a more reddish hue than the typical medium to dark brown of a Maduro. The cap is well constructed and along the seam the roll is very clean. Along the wrapper, there are three different spots of discoloration, almost like bleaching spots. The cigar is packed well and has a nice weight despite the thinner gauge. The aroma is amazing – very sweet and full of caramel and cocoa, with a minor note of mild barnyard at the foot. This is one of the better smelling cigars I’ve come across lately. On the draw, it is open with a proper resistance the flavor is quite similar to the aroma.

Burn, 1.4:
The burn is very slow and deliberate, and the aroma is excellent – I smoked inside a mostly closed garage and it filled the room. The burn worked into halves, worsening as it progressed. Though the draw remained adequate the second half of the smoke began burning crooked along the edges and had trouble staying lit.

Flavor, 2.4:
The initial burst of flavor is very creamy and immediately makes my mouth water. The profile is full of rich cocoa and a tinge of espresso. This profile continues through the first third, but moving into the middle portion, the cream passes and it settles into a very dry, leathery profile, but still with cocoa a core. The final third proves to be bitter and a harsh cocoa that is not pleasant.

Overall, 2.4:
Though the Primer Del Rey is priced well and had an excellent aroma and good beginning of flavor, the middle third forward proved uneventful and at times hard to enjoy. Due to the price point, I felt less guilt with extinguishing it and moving on. I’d smoke this again, but only with quite a bit of humidor time and while doing a mundane task.

(Total: 7.8)