Cigar Review Roundup: AJ Fernandez San Lotano

In 2010, AJ Fernandez released a new line of cigars – the San Lotano. It is currently available in three wrappers – Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro. We reviewed each wrapper and thoroughly enjoyed all three, each scoring a 9.0 or higher. We’ve offered a brief synopsis of each review below.


The construction is spot on with this mid-priced cigar. The aroma is very pleasing and the smoke fills the room. Utilizing an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobaccos for the binder/filler, this smoke has excellent character with a heavy spice, a nutty finish, and a lingering finish. This is not your typical Connecticut cigar, and it is full bodied, as is the rest of the line. Read the full review here. (9.0/10)


Excellent construction, an even burn, and a fair price make this is an easy go to smoke. The wrapper is a Brazilian Habano, with a binder/filler combination of Honduran, Dominican, and Nicaraguan. The Habano is the spiciest of the bunch, but also balances out with some woody notes. The finish is heavy, long, and a bit dry. This cigar is full bodied to be sure. Of the three blends, this is my favorite. Read the full review here. (9.1/10)


Utilizing a Mexican Maduro wrapper, the rest of the tobacco lineup for this blend is the same as the others. As expected, the construction and burn are spot on. The flavor carries an expected spice but the finish is sweet and creamy. Other notes include earth, a bit of coffee, and an increasing spice toward the finish. The mixture of sweet and spice tone this blend down a bit more than the other two. Read the full review here. (9.0/10)