Our Top Cigars of 2010 (And a Poll) – from MM

It’s that time of year when bloggers start looking back and try to form a list of their favorite cigars of the year. Toasted Foot will be submitting three lists this each year – three from me (MM), and three from JJ.

Here’s how it’ll work. We’ll each submit three lists:

Top 10 Cigars – the 10 best cigars we reviewed this year, whether they were released in 2010 or not.

Top 5 New Cigar Releases – the 5 best cigars reviewed this year, that were released in 2010.

Honorable Mentions – the cigars that didn’t quite crack either list, but were worth mentioning; they will include cigars from 2010 as well as past years.

Our lists will be quite different, as I prefer Mild/Medium cigars with creamier profiles, while JJ prefers Medium/Full bodied cigars with spicier profiles.

Also, though one cigar may have scored higher when originally reviewed, that doesn’t necessarily mean it ranks higher on these lists. We take into account a feature that isn’t always considered on a cigar review – how often we’ve smoked the cigar throughout the year. When you initially review a cigar, you never know how it’s going to make its way into your daily smoking routine.

Without anymore explanation (sorry about all that), here are my lists (MM):

Top 10 Cigars:

10. Tatuaje Cabaiguan, Robusto (Review)

9. 13th Floor Foundation Series, Robusto (Review)

8. Pride Connecticut, Lancero (Review)

7. D’Crossier Diplomacy Series, Limited Edition 2008, Robusto (Review)

6. Illusione Epernay, Le Petite (Review)

5. Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie, Toro (Review)

4. E.P. Carrillo Edicion Inaugural 2009, Robusto (Review)

3. Berger & Argenti MOOCH, Schnorr (Review)

2. 262 Cigars Ideology, Toro (Review)

1. Tatuaje El Triunfador, Robusto (new blend) (Review)

Top 5 New Cigar Releases:

5. 13th Floor Foundation Series, Robusto

4. Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie 7, Toro

3. Berger & Argenti MOOCH, Schnorr

2. 262 Cigars Ideology, Toro

1. Tatuaje El Triunfador, Robusto (new blend)

Honorable Mentions:

6. Nica Libre, Principe (Review)

5. Camacho Connecticut, Monarcha (Review)

4. Tesa Havanita, Lancero (Review)

3. Gispert Maduro, Robusto (Review)

2. AVO Classic, Toro (Review)

1. J.C. Newman Diamond Crown, Robusto (Review)

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  1. Great lists but I’ve only had one out of those so I had to bring down the curve a bit on your poll. Sorry ’bout that. Can’t wait to try the others.

  2. Out of the ones I smoke I think there are two that are to high, the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie I think was good but not better the the Illusione for my taste. And I didn’t really care for the E.P. Carrillo Edicion Inaugural 2009, plus I think overpriced.

    But nice list and thanks for putting it out there.

  3. No Singulare……….???? Ouch…. I agree with TX about the Cabinetta. Would also add the tatuaje 7th to the new release list….

  4. A spectacular list of killer smokes. Very nice, please send extras!

  5. Wow, I guess I’ll go against the comment-grain thus far and say that that list is not good at all. Almost shockingly so! I’m not trying to be mean, just my honest opinion. There are very few of those cigars I would consider even putting in my humidor, let alone a top 10 list. Maybe that’s because I treat price as no object when I buy cigars. I do love your site, though, and check it daily, and still will continue to. Keep up the good work. Just had to express my dissenting opinion on this one guys.

  6. Ryan you are not alone. Seems to be a very odd list to me as well. Nica Libre were just not good and EPC have come out with much better cigars than the 2009 IMO. Different smokes for different folks I guess. Good site though.

  7. Thanks for the comments fellas. Ryan and Marco – this is not the typical top 10, I agree with that. When building it I considered how often I smoked each cigar through the year so price was considered. Maybe a better list name would have been my top 10 go to smokes of 2010. Thanks for reading and especially thanks for commenting! Have a blessed 2011!

  8. Coffee and Cigars!!
    Best R and R for the budget minded 😉

    Would like to check them out!

  9. Excellent and premium cigars


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