Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #21 (Summer Issue)

Several months ago we took our second go-round as panelists for Smoke Magazine, and we’ll be posting our blind reviews here and there. We’ll reveal the smoke at the end of the review!

Smoke Magazine, Sample #21 (Summer Issue)

Aesthetics, 86 – A dark and oily wrapper and a pigtailed cap help disguise an otherwise unimpressive looking cigar that is covered with bumps, veins, and slight blemishes.

Construction, 86 – Well packed from head to foot, the cigar has a nice aroma of fermented tobacco along the wrapper and a hint of sweet barnyard at the foot, while the cold draw is spicy with notes of herbs similar to fennel. Producing plenty of smoke, the draw is nice and easy and the white and black speckled ash holds well. The cigar burns a bit crooked and one of the samples extinguished itself a couple of times. The smoke temperature is pleasant throughout, especially when considering the ring gauge.

Flavor and Strength, 91 – This is one spicy cigar! Complimented by nutty notes on the finish, the spice is the dominant profile, which when blown through the nose caused tears to form in my eyes. The cigar mellows out at the two thirds mark, but is still spicy with a lively tobacco on the palate and on the exhale. There are hints of both sweetness and salt at times, especially on the finish. Overall, this full bodied smoke was dominated by spice.

General Comments – I enjoyed the flavor profile of this smoke – a lively spice is right up my alley. The rustic appearance fit the flavor profile well and this one would pair nicely with a rum on the rocks.

Overall: 88

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