Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #22 (Summer Issue)

Today we have another blind review we did for Smoke Magazine.

Smoke Magazine, Sample #22 (Summer Issue)

Aesthetics, 88 – The milk chocolate wrapper is smooth to the touch and has a great presence when rolled in the palm. It bears an excellently constructed, almost wafer-like box press and has a very hearty appearance.

Construction, 88 – Smooth to the touch, the cigar is well packed with a good weight. The aroma is of leather along the wrapper with a sweet spice at the foot, and chocolate and berry flavors arrive on the cold draw, which also left a spice on the lips. The burn is even and it required only one touch up on one of the samples. An adequate draw produces plenty of smoke and the medium gray ash holds well while maintaining a pleasant smoke temperature.

Flavor and Strength, 85 – A full tobacco flavor is complemented with hints of leather, sweet chocolate, and spice through the nose. The smoke transitioned into a woody profile in the middle third and the profile was not as dark as I anticipated prior to lighting. The finish is medium in length and the strength is medium to medium/full.

General Comments – This is not a “wow” smoke, but is definitely worth the time and effort. The aesthetics really impressed me, as it was just a good one to hold between the fingers and puff away on.

Overall: 87

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