Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #24 (Summer Issue)

Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #24 (Summer Issue)

Today we have another blind review we did for Smoke Magazine.

Smoke Magazine Sample #24

Aesthetics, 80– A dry, cracked, and green spotted wrapper is laced with staccato and stalk like veins with a stretched wrapper along the seams. Moving from head to toe, the double cap is sloppy and misshaped and the foot is spongy and loose.

Construction, 91 – Despite the massive size of this cigar, the weight is airy and feathery and the draw is loose. The pre-light flavor is slightly muted, though notes of sweet graham cracker, light cinnamon, and a bland barnyard surface in and out. The draw is very open and loose, though the burn is slow and the smoke emitted is moderate. The burn line is razor sharp throughout and the ash is evenly colored with an excellent hold.

Flavor and Strength, 90 – This cigar has a very engaging and creamy flavor profile that reminds me of warm milk flavored by Irish Cream. There were also flavor bursts of vanilla bean throughout, creating a consistently sweet and mellow, though one-dimensional, flavor profile. With a short finish, this is a very light, mild, and gentle smoke.

General Comments – Though the cigar started out of the wrong foot with a ragged wrapper and spongy filler, the construction proved to be excellent and the flavor profile engaging – perhaps this would fit best as a sleeper. The size of this cigar was overwhelming until I began smoking it; at that point the gentleness of the smoke supported the size and the 2+ hours required to smoke it. Without question I’d pick another one of these up, but only in a smaller size. I could really see this cigar shining in a Robusto size.

Overall: 87



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