Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #23 (Summer Issue)

Today we have another blind review we did for Smoke Magazine.

Smoke Magazine, Sample #23 (Summer Issue)

Aesthetics, 85 – With a steady amount of veins, bumps, and blemishes along the wrapper, a leathery texture is created on this medium brown wrapped cigar.

Construction, 87 – Packed well with a nicely constructed head and cap, there is a very pleasant flavor along the wrapper with nutty notes at the foot. An adequate draw produces plenty of smoke but tightens a bit into second third. The ash holds well with a consistent light gray color with flecks of black. There are no touch ups or re-lights required, though the smoke temperature is a little warm at times.

Flavor and Strength, 85 – With primary notes of woody tobacco, there is not a ton of flavor present; however, a pleasant tobacco profile creates a nice, long finish. There is a touch of mild sweetness at times but all in all there is a nice creamy profile. One of the samples had a very unpleasant profile at the beginning, but it evened out about ½ inch in.

General Comments – This is an enjoyable smoke with an easy profile. It would suit many palates and be appropriate for all times of day.

Overall: 86

Reveal: Old Powder Keg Mortar Box Press, 5 x 60, Battleground Cigars