Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #26 (Summer Issue)

Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #26 (Summer Issue)

Today is our last review in our series of re-posted panelist reviews from the Summer Issue of Smoke Magazine.

Smoke Magazine Sample #25

Aesthetics, 90 – A dry exterior creates a textured feel in the hand, though the almond colored wrapper does have a slight sheen. Flawlessly seamed with minimal and slightly raised veins, there is some spotting on the wrapper and a few raised bumps beneath it. The samples begin and end well with a nicely constructed triple cap and a fully packed and perfectly rounded foot.

Construction, 87 – Held in the hand, there is a girth to this cigar and is packed tightly and evenly from the cap to the foot. The draw is steady with a proper amount of resistance and the pre-light flavor is complex, with notes of minty zest, sweet cedar, and musty barnyard. The draw is spot on with a proper amount of resistance, and it produces a moderate amount of smoke. The ash is evenly colored and loose, while the burn is hilly and quick; however, there were no touchups required throughout the smoke.

Flavor and Strength, 89 – For a mild bodied cigar, this sample shined. A creamy burst up front is followed by floral and hazelnut notes, which carry throughout the smoke. Though the flavor profile is very pleasing, it was also one-dimensional.

General Comments – Smoking large ring gauges can be a nuisance at times and this is the case with the sample – I would purchase this again if there are smaller vitolas. The cigar was pleasant and easy on the palate, while complex enough to engage you throughout the nearly two hour smoking time. The burn and draw maintenance was carefree.


Overall: 89

Reveal: Di Fazio Connecticut Doble, Robusto