Coffee Review: Guatemalan Quiche, RockStone Coffee

Company: RockStone Premium Coffees

Bean Origin or Blend: Guatemalan Quiche

Body: Medium

Roast: Medium

Brew Method: Drip and French Press

Price: $16.50/lb (Purchase)

We have reviewed several single origin beans from RockStone, who just began in 2010. In the second half of that year they released their first two house blends, while maintaining a handful of single origin beans that rotate in and out.

RockStone is owned and managed by Brad Mayo, who many cigar smokers know as the owner of Jameson Cigars. This micro-roasted coffee company has put out some great beans, and we’re excited to be reviewing the Guatemalan Quiche today.

This is a certified Fair Trade, organic coffee that is grown and processed by the Chajulense cooperative in Guatemala.

The Guatemalan bean is small to medium in size with a minimal amount of oil and a fairly dry exterior. The aroma of the bean is very pleasing, with notes of deep berry and caramel. The berry is quite acidic and this bean carries a very lively aroma. On the grind, the berry is still very present but an earthy profile arrives and lends an excellent base.

On the pour, the aroma is closely similar to the bean aroma, but the berry is more muted and the earthiness is stronger, with mild notes of tobacco. On consumption, the earthiness overwhelms the berry and is the dominate profile, while a very mild nuttiness surfaces that is hard to place. The finish and the texture is medium to full on this cup.

When you are looking for eco-friendly coffee, there aren’t a whole lot of places to turn to, and with RockStone’s prices below $20 a pound, it is something worth exploring. The profile on the Guatemalan is very pleasing and is complex and dense enough to be both a morning cup and a dessert cup. I highly recommend this bean.