Toast of the Week (1/18/11)

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the start to 2o11; I think every state except Florida has received snow this year, so I hope you’ve made time to peg a few people with snowballs! Both of us here at Toasted Foot are traveling this week, so we’ll be posting a series of blind cigar reviews we did for the Summer issue of Smoke Magazine.

Last week we had a great time with Tatuaje Week, maybe we’ll do it again with another retailer in the new future. We concluded with a Tatuaje cigar poll – click here if you haven’t participated yet.

Now, on to the toasts.

  • If you haven’t taken the time to view the new cigar magazine, The Cigar Network, the first issue is available for free online, and it’s excellently done. We’ll be regular contributors. Toast it here.
  • The Cigar Feed has a great news update on all sorts of cigar action. Toast it here.
  • Casas Fumando takes on the Camacho Liberty 2010. Toast it here.
  • Keeper of the flame smoke the Padilla Dominus. Toast it here.