Cigar Review: CAO Spotlight

Cigar Review: CAO Spotlight

We are concluding our week of CAO related news. We spent the last three days interviewing former CAO Lifestyle Marketing Director Jon Huber, who has recently formed a new company, Crowned Heads. To read the 3 part interview click here, here, and here.

We thought we’d conclude the week with a spotlight on the CAO cigars we have reviewed here at Toasted Foot during our first year or so. With CAO being merged into the same camp as General Cigars, many are beginning to wonder if there will eventually be a change to some of their favorite CAO blends. We recently polled you (here), and 64% of you feel the merger will have a negative effect on the CAO product line, while 12% feel it will have a positive effect.

Who knows what will change, if anything. But personally, I will be purchasing a box or so of each of my favorite blends in the very near future.

Here is a quick look at our CAO cigar review archive:

  • CAO La Traviata – By far our favorite offering from CAO, the La Traviata is one of the best $5 smokes we’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. (Read Review)
  • CAO L’Anniversarie Cameroon – The Cameroon is full of enticing flavors with a nice, rich chocolate and mild coffee. For a medium cigar, this stick is full of flavor.  (Read Review)
  • CAO La Traviata Maduro – This was an excellent line extension by CAO; it rated very well, but just couldn’t quite match the regular line. (Read Review)
  • CAO Gold Vintage – The Vintage is a beautiful cigar and is a step above the regular Gold line in both flavor and construction. The Bouchon is a beautiful vitola that smokes very well. (Read Review)
  • CAO Gold Maduro – For the price alone, this is a good mild Maduro to keep handy in the humidor, though the flavor does get bitter around the halfway mark.  (Read Review)
  • CAO Lx2 – The complexity of the Lx2 makes it a good value at around $6 a stick, but the burn issues really detract from the enjoyment of the stick. (Read Review)
  • CAO Escaparate Costa Rican Maduro – This is a limited production run cigar that has a gorgeous box press and a great flavor profile. The drawbacks – they are overpriced in my opinion and I’ve had burn issues with the majority I’ve smoked. (Read Review)