Cigar Review: Oliva Cain F Nub

Cigar Review: Oliva Cain F Nub

Today we are very excited to have a guest review from GC Puffs. GC manages a cigar blog that I just became aware of a few weeks ago, and it has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to visit – I’ve gone back and read through almost all of his posts. We wanted to provide GC some space on our blog to do his thing, and would like to encourage our readers to go and check out his unique blogging style – I think you’ll find a pleasant change from the normal cigar review.

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And here is GC’s bio, from GC himself!

After enjoying cigars for 30 years, I decided it was time to put my thoughts into words. I write in story form because each cigar I smoke is part of moments in my life, and the memories they create.

Hailing from New Orleans, tradition runs deep, and I think that is one of the enticing things about the pure art form of cigars, is the tradition they carry with them. Every company, every blend and every stick shows the heritage of times gone by and yet still present. Cut, light, puff and enjoy.

Oliva Cain F Nub

The other day while I had some precious free time, I decided to get in the truck and just go for a drive. I took with me a Cain F Nub, with a nice dark brown wrapper, just a few veins and a slight tooth to the leaf. Construction is superb on this stick which is typical of Nub. Punching the cigar, I torched it up and started on my drive. Drawing a nice long puff my taste buds were inundated with a nice pepper hit mixed with earth and oak.

I headed down an old paved road near my home that traffic is sparse on, where family farms still look the same as years ago and where I use to walk as a teenager. Past the first few puffs, the pepper hit mellowed somewhat, and the oak had changed to a wood tone similar to that of a smoking pit, with leather and roasted nuts blending in. Even in these few segments of the cigar, the strength of the Cain F is evident, not only in strength but in flavor as well.

As the cigar progressed, notes of dark heavy coffee began to show, with just a slightest touch of cooked pear in the background. I passed an old farm on my drive where a farmer I have known for years was on his tractor carrying hay out to his cattle, which followed the tractor like pets follow their owner. I pulled over to watch for a moment as he unloaded the large round bale, and as the cattle circled and started to eat, he would walk by and give them a pat on the shoulders.

Now past the mid point of my cigar, the kick from the blend is evident and sweet to those who like strength. You can sense a light aroma through the nose of cocoa powder and chicory on the exhale, with the darkness of the coffee, the smokiness of the pit wood and aged leather exuberantly blend their abundant flavors in a tantalizing complexity.

Driving back towards the house, the finish of the cigar was wonderful and yet sad that it was ending. The final notes in the smoke of this cigar was the reappearance of the pepper hit from the beginning with earth as well, in a nice leathery base. The Cain F Nub is assured not for the timid nor those that like mild cigars, but if you enjoy meat to your smoke, grab one and enjoy. I was very pleased with it, and when I get out of my truck, will light up another.