Cigar Review: Oliva Nub Connecticut

Cigar Review: Oliva Nub Connecticut

Size: 3.75×54 (354)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Mild

Price: Box of 24, $89

Grade: 9.2

The Oliva Nub is the creation of Sam Leccia, who as you likely know, is no longer with the Oliva family – we are still waiting to learn of his next venture.

Here is some of the story, which can be found at their website.

The first step was to determine what blending techniques would result in the flavors and smoking characteristics he was seeking. This process involved deconstructing and analyzing some of his favorite cigars and researching the aging and curing of the tobacco leaf. Early results did not meet his satisfaction. Back to the drawing board he went, however this time he began to focus on finding the appropriate ring gauge and length, as the blended filler was showing promise, yet needed refinement. Through trial and error, it became apparent that larger ring gauges provided a cooler burning, longer smoking cigar while accenting the flavors and smoking qualities of his uniquely blended filler.

During a meeting at their Nicaraguan plantation, the Oliva family also became convinced after sampling some of Sam’s prototype “Nubs”. They were on board…

We previously reviewed the Nub Maduro, which you can view here.

I purchased the samples for this review from J. Shepherd in Louisville, KY. They are on twitter here, and frequently offer great deals and are willing to ship – I highly suggest you price them for your next purchase. Great customer service and fast shipping.

Now, onward!

Pre-light, 1.7:
The Nub is a fun cigar to hold and roll around your palm; the short, stocky demeanor creates a very unique experience from an aesthetics standpoint. The head is double capped and well formed, as is the foot – very well packed. In between, the seams are very well rolled, there are no soft spots to speak of, and the buttery almond wrapper is in excellent condition. There are a couple raised veins that create a slightly rustic appearance. Overall, this is a great looking cigar. The aroma is pleasing, with notes of creamy butterscotch, cedar, and a very sweet caramel. On the draw, the notes are similar though much less pronounced. The draw is steady, though the large gauge is a bit obtrusive.

Burn, 1.9:
The burn on the Nub is of course very, very, very slow! But it’s also very straight edged and produces a very steady draw and remains well lit in between puffs. It took a bit to get a fully lit Nub, but it rocked it once everything was evenly torched. The ash is mixed in color but is thick and sheet like. The draw is tight in spots on the Nubs, but nothing to complain about, and no relights were required.

Flavor, 2.8:
Out of the gate, the Nub Connecticut is very creamy, thick, and smooth – the early notes remind me of a cup of coffee that is more creamer than it is coffee. Moving into the first third, the flavors are very well balanced and coat the mouth with a thick and lingering finish. The cedar notes picked up on the pre-light begin to arrive and provide a brief reminder that I’m smoking Nicaraguan tobacco. Continuing through the middle third, there is still none of the typical Nicaraguan spice, but there is a tickle in the back of the throat that is coated over by the buttery Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Making the final stretch, the final third really takes on a lot of the Connecticut wrapper’s flavor, with some woody notes and hints of buttery toast. This was my least favorite section of the Nub. Overall however, there was some excellent transition and all the flavors worked very well together.


Overall, 2.8:
What an excellent cigar. The 354 is my favorite size within the Nub lineup, as it is the smallest ring gauge offered and is less obtrusive than the other sizes. The construction is spot on, the burn is consistent, and the flavor is very enjoyable and smooth. And these are priced excellently. Grab ’em when you see ’em would be my advice. At $3.70 in the box, these are pretty hard to beat.

(Total: 9.2)