Show Your Stash – Jim

Show Your Stash – Jim

Today’s Reader’s Stash is from Jim. Take it away!

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I keep 2 humidors at home and 2 in my office – just don’t want to look like I’m over doing it at home and I like to share with a couple of guys in my office if they’re having a rough day or to say thanks for a good job. When the weather is nicer I like to have ‘man-fests’ with 12-15 friends. We fire up the grill, put out the humidors and just have a great time.

I have a pretty broad variety but I tend to lean towards maduros in medium to full.  Some that I like as ‘go-to’s’ are RP Edge torpedo, Montocristo Media Noche and SLR Edmundo maduro. During a work trip to Florida this winter I went to Ybor City in Tampa and Calle Oche / Little Havana in Miami, where I picked up some really nice, no name, locally rolled toros from from local rollers. I really like them and I’m sure it’s in part from meeting the folks who do it for a living and are proud of their work.