Toast of the Week (2/15/11)

Toast of the Week (2/15/11)

Valentine’s Edition!

Unfortunately, that get’s you nothing…nothing at all. Although I do hope you were able to enjoy some time with your significant other, whether that be a spouse, a girl/boyfriend, or a nice cigar.

For today’s toast, we have a very special announcement! Next week, we’ll be posting a three part interview with Mr. Jon Huber, formerly of CAO. And you’re not going to want to miss this one – he has some very special announcements! We’ll post the interview on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

Now, on to the toasts!

  • The Cigar Feed has an excellent list of 2011 cigar releases. A lot of work goes into Charlie’s reviews and news, and you’ll definitely want to bookmark this post. Toast it here.
  • Your Cigar Ratings has teamed up with CroMagnon Cigar for a contest. Toast it here.
  • Casas Fumando smokes the T52 Flying Pig; excellent photos are included, as always. Toast it here.