Cigar Review: Cuban Stock Chubbys Ultimate Short

Cigar Review: Cuban Stock Chubbys Ultimate Short

Size: 6×60

Wrapper: Dominican

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Price: Box of 20, $100

We have another guest review from our buddy Tony; he has previously reviewed with us and does an excellent job!

Today’s cigar is another brand and manufacturer I have not had any experience with. The Chubbys Ultimate is a Dominican Puro from Cuban Stock (originally known as Crown David Cigars). With a factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Cuban stock spent 6 years to get to a final product. Starting with Cuban Seed, then choosing the growing location and perfecting the unique agricultural environment in which the tobacco grew. It took 6 months to finalize this blend. The tobacco is fermented in wine barrels for 2 years to create a smooth, strong tobacco. The Chubbys Ultimate comes in 4 sizes, 7X60 (Chubby Long), 6X60 (Chubby Short), 7X60 (Torpe Grande) and 4.5X55 (Midget).

The cigar has a dark, oily and splotchy appearance with a couple of large veins. The wrapper smells of wine, oak and earth. It looks well constructed and the cold draw is earthy with an effortless draw; a very good thing for such a large ring gauge. The initial light is earthy with a woody flavor and a hint of spice.

As I get into the first third I start to get a distinct cherry flavor mixed with earth and oak. It is a unique flavor I have yet to experience in a cigar. The ash is white and flaky with a slight waviness in the burn line.  The retro-hale is a bit sharp; I would say on the lighter side of full bodied. Towards the end of the first third the burn line straightens itself out and although flaky, the ash is holding firm; another hint at the great construction.

The second third starts out with the cherry flavor fading into the background with charred oak and earth becoming the dominant flavors. At the halfway point the ash finally falls but the burn line stays razor sharp. As the cigar begins to transition to the final third it seems to mellow, with less bite through the sinuses which is quite enjoyable.

The final third is where this cigar shines. It begins with the same charred oak and earth flavors but adds a slight nutty finish. Each draw seemed to bring quite a few different combinations of flavors with cherry even making a comeback. It was definitely a great way for this cigar to end.

In conclusion, I would say this cigar was another surprise. Well constructed, complex and full bodied. Burn time was about 2 hours, 10 minutes. While I cannot recommend this cigar to a novice smoker, I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy a large ring gauge and a stronger smoke. I am not really a fan of cigars this size but I do believe Cuban Stock did an excellent job in creating a cigar for those who do.