Cigar Review: Cohiba Siglo I 2008

Cigar Review: Cohiba Siglo I 2008

Size: 4×40, Petit Corona (Siglo I)

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Filler: Cuba

Strength: Mild/Medium

Price: $9

Grade: 9.0

This Siglo I from 2008 was gifted to me in the recent Twitter Cigar Pass and I’ve been very eager to fire this one up for review. The Cohiba brand is perhaps the most recognizable of all cigars, especially of those from Habana, Cuba, even though it didn’t get its start until 1968. It began as a limited production, private blend for Fidel Castro. It developed a cult status, and was finally sold publically in 1982.

It made its way to the American market when General Cigar Company got involved in 1978, later producing a Dominican counterpart, which was began showing up on a large scale in 1997 – it’s  hard to believe such a recognizable brand has only been around for a short time in comparison to other companies.

The Siglo, which I’m reviewing today is available in six sizes:

  • Siglo I – 4″ × 40 (102 × 15.88 mm), Perla, a petit corona
  • Siglo II – 5⅛” × 42 (130 × 16.67 mm), Mareva, a petit corona
  • Siglo III – 6⅛” × 42 (156 × 16.67 mm), Corona Grande, a long corona
  • Siglo IV – 5⅝” × 46 (143 × 18.26 mm), Corona Gorda, a grand corona
  • Siglo V – 6¾” × 43 (171 × 17.07 mm), Dalia, a lonsdale
  • Siglo VI – 5⅞” × 52 (149 × 20.64 mm), Cañonazo, a robusto extra

Enough of that, on to the toast!

Pre-light, 1.9:
This is an enjoyable smoke to behold and roll around in your palm – very petite but at the same time commanding. The classic Cuban Cohiba band sets the stage for a beautiful reddish brown wrapper. The head has a wonderful triple cap and the foot is perfectly formed – not a soft spot is found from top to bottom. There are no prominent veins, but there is some tooth to the wrapper. The aroma is a sweet, buttery cedar at the cap with hints of honey and butterscotch. Along the base and at the foot the prominent notes are of the barnyard variety. On the draw, there is a slight resistance and the flavor notes are much more muted than the aroma – there are some minor notes of creamy barnyard with a cardboard texture.

Burn, 1.6:
The tight draw on the pre-light proved to provide some heavy resistance through the first half of the Siglo; after I pulled out a draw poker, it opened up nicely and produced plenty of thick smoke and an adequate draw. The ash tried to tunnel but corrected itself shortly. The burn is slow throughout and the ash is fairly clean, though a bit flakey. I had to re-light a couple times which wasn’t totally surprising considering the tight draw. Overall, this was an above average burn, but lacking for the price range.

Flavor, 2.8:
Up front, the Siglo is incredibly smooth, creamy, and buttery with a tickle of spice on the tip of the tongue. Into the second half, the flavors are still very creamy with pleasant butterscotch and honey dominating the profile. Toward the nub, the Siglo remained very smooth and very clean, with no bite or aftertaste.


Overall, 2.7:
This cigar was a joy to have, and I talked myself out of smoking it on a handful of occasions. The aroma was incredibly enticing and the short, elegant size added to the pre-light anticipation. Though the burn required some attention, it didn’t distract from the overall experience of the Cuban. The flavor was spot on and locked into some of my favorite profiles – creamy, buttery, and smooth. This is definitely a cigar I’d love to keep on hand if I could find a handful of them.

(Total: 9.0)