Cigar Review: Falto Privilegio “Mi Viejo” Liga #8

Cigar Review: Falto Privilegio “Mi Viejo” Liga #8


Size: 6 3/8×48, Churchill

Wrapper: Corojo Ecuadorian

Binder: Dominican Olor

Filler: Nicaraguan, Brazilian, and Dominican Viso

Strength: Medium

Price: ???

Grade: 8.9

We are fortunate enough here at Toasted Foot to receive some great smokes in the mail from boutique manufacturers. One that has been consistently highlighted on this site is La Garita Cigar Company, which produces the Falto line of cigars. Luis Falto has become a great friend and supporter of our website. We have reviewed the El Josco, The Falto Robusto, and the Falto Prominente Gran Reserva Especial in prior posts.

Today we are reviewing the Falto Privilegio “Mi Viejo” Liga #8, one of several new releases from Luis. Below is part of the press release that accompanied this cigar:

In February 2009, my father passed away, and I decided to make a cigar in his honor, since he, as well as my mother, always supported my plans. The Falto Privilegio “Mi Viejo” took a long time to develop, since the blend had to be something extremely special. After giving my “final” two blends to some of my friends and expert tasters, I found that some of them liked one and others liked the other. With this dilemma, I decided to offer both blends to the consumer.

Therefore, a box contains twenty cigars: ten cigars of Falto Privilegio “Mi Viejo” Liga #8 and ten of Falto Privilegio “Mi Viejo” Liga # 9, both in the same Churchill size 6 3/8×48. In the Liga #8 as well as in the Liga #9, I use a tobacco called Viso, which is normally found in the third priming from top to bottom of the tobacco plant. The seed of the tobacco plant and its location of that leaf is essentials details. The Liga #8 has a Viso of Cuban seed tobacco, delivering a medium to full flavored smoke with a rich balance and singular complexity. On the other hand, the Liga #9 carries the same percentage of Viso, but from Dominican seed tobacco, which offers a more full flavored smoke with a richer complexity and exquisite balance.

Look for a review of the Falto Privilegio “Mi Viejo” Liga #9 next week here at Toasted Foot.

Pre-light, 1.7:
The medium brown wrapper on the Falto Privilegio “Mi Viejo” Ligo #8 is in excellent shape and is topped off with a well constructed cap at the head of the smoke. The cigar is well packed with no soft spots to be found. The presentation is nice, as I am always a fan of double banding. The pre-light aroma is lively along the wrapper with a sweet spice at the foot. The cold draw does not produce a lot of notes but tobacco is solid on the palate.

Burn, 1.8:
The Churchill cut, toast, and lit well and produces volumes of smoke with each puff. The draw is dead on with just the right amount of resistance on each pull. The white ash holds wells and is consistent in color and burns very even. The above characteristics hold true for the entire life of the smoke.

Flavor, 2.7:
The first puff produces a nice tobacco flavor with a spicy finish on the exhale. The first third settles down into flavors that are earthy, nutty, and at times has a bit of spicy tobacco. The flavor is really full and heavy on the palate. The second third stays the course but the spice mellows out a bit. Into the last third the cigar remains the same with a solid tobacco base with just a hint of spice. The flavor profile on this smoke, keeping with the description provided by the manufacturer, is not complex, but it is solid with a full flavor and medium body or strength.




Overall, 2.7:
This is another solid offering from Luis at La Garita cigars. The story and presentation of this smoke is excellent, and while not super complex,  it will still hold your attention.  Keep an eye out for the review of the Liga #9 to compare the differences.


(Total: 8.9)