Mike Uhren Contest – Part Three

Mike Uhren Contest – Part Three

Today is our final posting for our cigar art contest. We’ll run the contest until the end of next week – March 11th.

To view part one and part two, click here and here. Remember, just leave a comment to enter.

Opus XXX

These were based on a layout of some sticks I got in a trade. The BOTLs that I’ve dealt with thus far have been so overwhelmingly generous I sometimes feel like I’m inadequate in comparison! The story of this piece is based on a particular guy who said he was going to send me one Opus X, which at the time I’d yet to get my hands on. He sent a fiver along with tons of other top shelf stuff I can’t really afford. I just grabbed a handful and played with some layouts and this was one of the layouts I chose. I’ve since had quite a few Opus and love them every time! Original sold. Prints available.

Padron Anniversary 1926 Maduro

You know, I’ve yet to smoke this cigar! I think I have two of them, but they’re a larger stick and I always feel like I don’t have enough time alloted and chicken out on lighting it. I’d hate to light it and have to walk away before it’s done. I always look at it in the humidor and wonder how it’s going to fare. Someday. In the meantime, I had to use a little imagination on this one! The letter ‘P’ for Padron forms in the smoke. I always love the way the smoke rolls off of a lit cigar. It can be so smooth if you’re inside and so active when outside. It’s also fun to paint. Original and prints available on this one.