Mike Uhren Contest – Part Two

Mike Uhren Contest – Part Two

Today we continue our contest, which features cigar art from Mike Uhren. You can view yesterday’s art piece and learn more about the contest by clicking here. Leave a comment to enter.

Liga Grande

I’d been on a serious Liga binge and was running low on sticks, and wanted a little ‘memory’ after my last one. As I smoked, I’d tried to take the bands off to save for this very purpose. They all riped to shreds. The model for this piece was the last cigar and the last shot I had to salvage one. It also happened to be the best one I got. It still tore a little, but not so badly it couldn’t be used. I included the slight tear in the artwork. Pretty simple. Jonathan Drew made the comment on FaceBook that it was “So fresh and so clean, clean.”  Made me laugh. Love it! Original & prints of this one are available.

CC’s and Cuba

This one has been quite interesting to me because as soon as I finished it I started smiling ear to ear. I love it. I thought this one was SO cool. I grabbed every CC I’d been traded at that point and laid them out leaving the shape of Cuba underneath, and started painting.  So many bands/brands/marcas are in this one perhaps it’s overwhelming. My wife thinks it’s the best thing I’ve done thus far and I think it’s in the top three. Folks haven’t been requesting it as much as others and that’s what makes it interesting to me because I enjoy looking at it. Perhaps it’s that the small jpg size on the net doesn’t allow proper detail.  The original is 2′ x 3′.  It’s big!  Original still available as are prints.