Toast of the Week (4/5/11)

Toast of the Week (4/5/11)

I hope everyone is having a great week. We got hit with a crazy storm last night, knocking out power and throwing trees into homes and across roads, but luckily the 15+ pine trees in my yard stood rooted!

We’ve got a really cool contest going right now and we’d love for you to join in. Take a minute to tell us about the first cigar you ever smoked and you’ll be entered to win 1 of 3 boxes of cigars from Cohiba and La Gloria Cubana. The details are here.

Before we get into the toasts, I want to offer a quick thank you to 262 Cigars, for all that they do for our community. If you haven’t had the chance to sample their 2 lines, the Ideology and the Paradigm, I suggest you give them a try. Here at Toasted Foot, we’ve had a great relationship with Clint and the boys at 262 – they have welcomed us into their day to day processes, have sponsored contests for our readers, and are always readily available for questions about their product.

Perhaps the coolest thing happened when I recently moved. I must posted something to Twitter about moving, and the next thing I know I receive a message asking for my mailing address. A few days later I received a nice sampler of 262 Cigars, with a handwritten note offering the cigars as a house warming gift. These guys are great, and they are a great compliment to the cigar community, and I just wanted to offer a quick thank you to the fellas – keep it up!

If you haven’t visited them before, give their website a quick visit here.

Now, on to the weekly toasts!

  • The Tiki Bar Online reviewed one of my favorite smokes, the Berger and Argenti MOOCH. Toast it here.
  • Barry from A Cigar Smoker has a memorium to Gary Arzt, who passed away over the weekend. Toast it here.
  • Mike from The Stogie Review continues to work his way through the House Blends, with the Brazilian Label. The Purple Label in this lineup is one of my favorite value smokes. Toast it here.