What’s In Your Humidor: Paul Maldonado of Maldonado Dynasty Cigars

What’s In Your Humidor: Paul Maldonado of Maldonado Dynasty Cigars

What’s in your humidor?
At the moment, I only have The Mogul in the humidor I’m afraid.  Guilty!  I happen to be in “perfectionist-mode”and I end up testing The Mogul in different vitolas to get a sense of change in flavor profile.

My favorite in my brand would be The Mogul because it happens to be our only line thus far.  I must say, however, that I would still consider it one my favorites in my brand because it took over a year to perfect and I chose something I truly want to smoke every day, all day long.

If I don’t have The Mogul on me and I come across a shop, I will buy a stick of something I haven’t tried before.  I happen to be a BIG fan of cigars and enjoy smoking them.  So lately, I’ve had a few of the Series G and those are very good cigars.




What kind of humidor (and size) do you use for your personal storage?
I have the Old World Humidor that holds about 75 sticks. The worldly motif appealed to me and sits well on  my desk.



How many cigars are in your humidor right now?
Last I checked I had 75 but I have a  feeling it’s time to stock up very soon.


Are you currently testing any new blends for your company? Any details?
I am testing The Mogul in different vitolas at the moment, it’s important for me to know The Mogul inside and out.  I happen to enjoy Lanceros very much so that is something I find myself “testing,” a significant amount. Aside from that, I am testing Churchills and Torpedos.

And of course I am always open to finding the next amazing blend for a future release.  I have smoked one that really stood out but since the brand will only be  releasing a few  full product lines, I am in no hurry to pick a blend quite yet.  That is all I’m revealing at the moment.

How many cigars do you smoke in a typical day, when your not blend testing?
I had a hard time trying to answer this one because I smoke a sporadic amount.  For instance, I was on the set of The Maldonado Dynasty commercial yesterday and smoked 4 cigars within 6 hours.  And then there are days when I smoke only one.  So I would say it averages out to about 2-3 a day.

What are some of your all time favorite cigars?
No offense to any great brands out there but I was spoiled very early on as a kid with Opus X.  A friend of my father’s was HUGE into cigar smoking and he noticed I enjoyed a couple cigars a day.  I was smoking another brand at the moment so he handed me a Toro of Opus X and told me This is what I SHOULD be smoking.  I graciously accepted and wrote him off of course (in my defense I was a kid)…  So I saved it for an after dinner smoke that evening, which I enjoyed with my usual cappuccino and it was Excellent cigar.  Needless to say, I didn’t stray from the line too much after that.

There are so many great cigars out there but this one has a personal touch with me because of the combination of meal, setting; under the moonlight-right on a Caribbean beach with Excellent company.