Farewell from Matthew & Jed

Farewell from Matthew & Jed

What an exciting 3 years it has been. Jed and I have loved every minute of our journey with Toasted Foot – connecting with readers, learning more than I ever thought imaginable about the cigar industry, and gleaning insight from other bloggers and industry veterans. We truly feel honored to have been invited and welcomed into each of your circles.

As life often does, we entered an incredibly busy season in our lives. My wife and I are expecting our third son, Jed welcomed his first child a few months ago, and we both recently took new jobs requiring more time on a weekly basis. It became more of a chore than a joy to keep up Toasted Foot, and we never wanted it to lose its joy – so we’ve passed it on to others who have committed to keep the flame bright!

There are so many people to thank, most of all our loyal readers – engaging with you via Twitter, email, and the comments section was such a joy. Thank you for all your support!

As we leave, there are several posts that will always be my favorite, and I leave with you with those today.

–        Three Part interview with Jon Huber of Crowned Heads (here, here, here)

–        A Bloggers Place within the Industry (here)

–        The Evolution of the Boutique Cigar Brand (here)

And please stay in touch – you can find me of Facebook here: www.facebook.com/BolingRR

Keep Smokin’!

Matthew & Jed