Cigar Review: Litto Gomez Small Batch #4

Cigar Review: Litto Gomez Small Batch #4

Cigar: Litto Gomez Diez Small Batch #4

Size: Double Corona-ish (7×54)

Wrapper: Dominican Pele De Oro

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Full (very)

Price:  $18.75

Grade: 8.6


At this point a disclaimer:  I am typically not a big fan of Dominican cigars

However there are some exceptions, mostly with LFD.  I am a big fan, and even a bit of a hoarder of the LGDiez vintage line and I also really like the Colorado wrapped sticks of 2011 by la flor.  Usually when I smoke other LFD sticks I find myself trying to compare the aged vintage series, and they can’t for obvious reasons.  Apples cant be oranges.

Enough with that, how’s the Cigar:

Appearance : (1.8) The Pele De Oro wrapper is a darker brown with some black speckling.  The leaf has some veins through it.  The cigar is banded with the typically ornate LG DIEZ banding and a small SB4 embossed on the band to signify the particular batch.  The pre light aroma off the foot is wonderful, it has a similar smell as the vintage line, like a sweet and sour candy scent.

Burn: (1.8) The burn on the SB4 was borderline perfect.  The ash is mostly white and gives very easily resulting in ash spill on my shirt before the one inch mark.  The small batch 4 was a fairly slow smoking cigar and I spent a good bit over 2 hours smoking.

Flavor: (2.5) Flavors begin with a very rich cedar and moderate pepper, the cedar is very pronounced with almost a hint of tartness on the finish.  There is a subtle hint to floral that teases my pallet the retro hale is clean, a bit sweet, and mildly peppery. At this point the body has kicked in and I’d put it at a medium full to full, typical of Litto’s cigars.  I also keep picking up a bit of tartness on the finish and wonder if that is the pele de Oro.

Nearing the midway point and the cedar has died down.  Still a bit peppery with some tartness on the finish.  The flavors have really blended well and there’s a hint of sweetness to contrast the other flavors.  Body is definitely full.

Through the final third the flavors have really blended and the tartness has really subdued while rich floral  and tea notes dominate.  The cigar is very full body bodied and I put it down with just over an inch to go.

Overall:  (2.5) This cigar is not meant for the mild smoker and is an absolute no no for those who are new to cigar smoking.  The SB4 is best smoked after a heavy meal, with a clean palate, and nothi g left on the to do list… is that full bodied.  As far as La Flor goes, I prefer the LG Diez vintage line, but the SB4 was very unique.  I think buying a five pack, and letting them settle for some time may make for an outrageously wonderful special event cigar, especially if that tartness settles a bit more.

Total:  8.6