Cigar Review: My Father No. 4

Cigar Review: My Father No. 4

My Father No. 4

Size: Lancero (7 1/2″ x 38 )

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium to Full

Price: $10.50 est. msrp

Grade: 9.0

I had mentioned in a previous review I have been on a bit of a small ring gauge kick as of late and have really been enjoying lanceros and coronas as a staple of my regular rotation.

A few months ago I wandered into a B&M I had never been at before and noticed they had a few old looking,(judging by the dust on the cello), My Father Lanceros.  While I usually enjoy the Don Pepin Blue Label Exscuisito (Corona) and Fundador (Lancero) I had never smoked the My Father in the lancero format and thought these would be great to grab and throw in the humidor.  I had forgotten about them until I found them while digging around for the My Father El Hijo’s I had stored away the were recently reviewed.

A little preface; I typically prefer the Blue Label rather than the straight My Father line due to the difference in flavor profiles, and when I smoke My Father sticks I tend to gravitate to the Le Bijou line up as I like the flavor the Oscuro wrapper brings to the blend.  That said, I was very intrigued to fire up the No. 4 and went into it with an open mind and a fresh palette.

But enough about that, how’s it smoke?

Pre-Light:  (1.9)  The My Father #4 has a very classic and rustic look to it. The wrapper was flawless with no tears or blemishes and the band was the standard, ornate, My Father logo.  The cinnamon brown wrapper shows faint vein lines and is capped off with a small pigtail at the head.  The scent off the foot was predominantly that of hay with a good bit of cinnamon.  After a quick “V” cut the pre-light draw added a bit of pepper to the hay and cinnamon I smelled off the foot.

Burn:  (1.6)  The  My Father #4 took to flame and rewarded me with a crisp burn line at first.  The draw offered up a bit of resistance, but there was no hindrance to the smoke (as is often the fear with lanceros).  My first ash was an inch and a half in which I though was great.  Unfortunately the burn line wavered at times, channeled at other times, and the ash became a bit flakier and the My Father #4 had to be ashed more frequently as it burned.  This was a bit of an issue heading into the final third where if I didn’t ash often enough I would be rewarded with a mess on the floor.  The My Father #4 had to be touched up with flame more than once.  However to it’s credit (and the credit of the skilled torcaderos at the My Father factory) every burn issue I had self corrected.  The draw that started off with just the right resistance never wavered and was a thing of beauty throughout the entire smoke.

Flavor:  (2.8)  The MY FATHER #4 started off with a bold peppery spice that was quickly balanced out over a nice woodsy platform.  The woodsy flavor was reminiscent of oak and it really blended well with the peppery spice that was at the fore front.  As it continued to develop the flavor added a bit of nuttiness and really increased in its complexity.  The retro hale  offered up a nice nuttiness along with peppery spice. The body was a very solid medium through the first third.

As I smoked through the second third I was greeted by hints of dried fruit over the black pepper, spice, and oak.  Again the flavors were really well defined and enjoyable and the amount of complexity continued to increase. The My Father #4 offered a long lasting finish of spicy  tobacco and black pepper.  Through the second third the body was ramping up.

Going into the final third each flavor I had encountered in the first two thirds made an appearance and I was left with a wonderfully complex peppery spice over an oaky platform with hints of dried fruit.  The last third was absolutely fantastic and as I nubbed the My Father  #4 I was left wanting more even with the smoke reaching the level of a full bodied smoke.

Overall: (2.7)  The My Father Lancero was a truly enjoyable smoke by Jaime Garcia and the crew at My Father Cigars.  The flavors were defined, complex, and incredibly enjoyable.  The cigar did have it’s burn and ash issues, but none that were surprising considering the vitola.  In fact, while burn and ash had issues at times flavor and draw were spot on through out the smoking experience.

I have a few left of the My Father #4  that I found that fateful day and I will certainly be looking for more going forward.  I just hope that the wonderful complex flavors weren’t just a product of the resting time that this particular cigar benefitted from.  Absolute recommendation and worthy of a 5 pack at least.  I will be planning a box purchase to allow for resting time and to share with friends as a somewhat different, more refined, and nuanced cigar smoking experience.

Total:  9.0