Cigar Review: Pedro Martin Royal Lancero

Cigar Review: Pedro Martin Royal Lancero

Cigar: Pedro Martin Royal

Size: Lancero (7 x 38)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Nicaraguan Maduro

Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo

Strength: Mild-Medium

Price: Unknown  (this was gifted)

Grade:  7.9

So I’ve been on a small ring gauge kick for a while now, and have been cherishing the opportunity to sample various cigars out of my normal routine that offer a unique smoking experience. One of my recent favorites is the Pedro Martin Fiero Pequeno (review to come) and I was able to share my feelings on the cigar with Maria Martin, head of Martin Family Cigars at a recent event.  She offered me up a new Lancero to try, the Royal, and after a few weeks I finally had a chance to try this baby out.

Enough with that, how’s the Cigar:

Appearance : (1.6) The Royal has a very rustic feel to it.  The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is light in color and a bit delicate in appearance.  It is a bit toothy with a number of veins. :  the foot of this cigar offers up a very sweet hay aroma  The flavor of the pre light draw matches the scent on the foot with a bit of vanilla thrown in.

Burn:  (1.2) The Royal was a little tricky on the light and took a little extra effort to toast.  Once I get it going the burn line is a bit wavy but holds.   A black and white ash holds for the first inch.  The biggest problem, and it was quite noticeable was  the draw which is noticeably tight.

Flavor:  (2.5)  The Royal opens up with a sweetness covering up a slightly nutty core and just faint pepperiness. The flavors are well defined but not exceedingly strong.  Much like the EPC New Wave Connecticut the wrapper to filler combo works, albeit this is a more subtle tasting cigar.

Second third brings a warm welcome blast of sweet cedar that comes and goes.  The nutty core remains along with the sweetness from the Connecticut wrapper and the occasional pepper, especially in the retrohale.   The flavor has a bit of bitter grassiness on the finish.  Some rolling of the cigar with my fingers has also helped to loosen the draw a bit.  A bit past half way through and I get a bit of a split in the wrapper, not uncommon with a lot of the Connecticut wrappers I’ve smoked lately..

In the final third the flavors remain the same;  well balanced between creamy sweet, nutty, and the occasional bit of pepper.   The earlier wrapper crack has been a non-issue. The draw has returned to being a bit too tight. The flavor has gotten a bit bitter near the end, likely a product of burning too hot as I effort through the tight draw

Overall: (2.4) I really wanted to love this cigar  The Pedro Martin line has been a favorite of 2012,  so has the vitola, and so many companies are experimenting with different conneticut wrappers over the last year.  Plus Maria Martin is incredibly nice and was a real pleasure to meet and talk Cigars with.  The Royal Lancero did not live up to my hopes, not even close. The flavors are very smooth and well balanced.  The body is somewhere above mild but not quite medium.  It may have been more mild if I didn’t have to huff through this one. Unfortunately the tight draw really impacted the experience.

That said,  I would absolutely try these again to see if this was a fluke. The construction (draw) issues really negatively effected my view of this cigar.  The flavor was there, the rest wasn’t.

Total:  7.9