Cigar Review: Tatuaje Little Monsters “Wolfie”

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Little Monsters “Wolfie”

Tatuaje Little Monsters “Wolfie”

Size: Torpedo (5 1/2 x 48) )

Wrapper: Sumatra

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler:  Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium-full

Price: $7.50 (Part of the 10 count Lil Monsters Sampler, $75 MSRP)


Welcome to our second day of Lil Monster reviews.  Yesterday, in our Mini Mum review  we covered the back story so from here on in we’ll stay focused on the review.

A few quick thoughts: I’m not usually a big fan of Sumatra wrappers, but I really enjoyed the Cojonu 2012 Sumatra so I want to see if the creamy nuttiness carries on to these as well.  The original Wolfman was probably my least favorite of the Monster series and I smoked one a few weeks ago so experience is still quite fresh in my memory.  I said it before, I’ll probably say it again: I love the concept and the smaller Vitolas of this sampler.

But enough about that, how’s it smoke?

Pre-Light:  (1.7)  The Wolfie, like it’s big brother features a heavily mottled Sumatra wrapper in torpedo format with an open foot.  The My Father factory has been doing the open foot a bit the last year including the El Hijo for Smoke Inn Cigars, The Atlantic Cigars 15th Anniversary, the original Wolfman, and again here in the Wolfie.  The open foot is a novel presentation because it lets you taste the filler first, and then, after a few puffs, you get the full experience as the wrapper flavor mixes into the burn.

The Wolfie I smoked for this review had a bit of give and was spongy to the touch in a few spots.  The wrapper had a dry papery feel to it, suggesting good aging of the Sumatra wrapper leaf.  The scent off the foot was quite strong and was a very rich barnyard (manure) scent with almost a faint dark chocolate after the initial smell.  The wrapper itself has a tart aroma.  The pre light draw features earth and hay with a bit of bitterness on the finish.

Burn:  (1.9)  The Wolfie had a very clean burn line, especially considering the wrapper lit after the filler.  It was a slight bit uneven but never strayed or got uneven.  The first inch of ash flowered a bit but the ash held and typically lasted 3/4 of an inch before I ashed.  The ash was firm and solid until it hit the ash tray.

The draw was open and effortless but not loose.  The overall burn/draw experience was superior to the Wolfman cigars that I had smoked.

Flavor:  (2.4)  The first few puffs of the Wolfie are all filler.  The flavor is that of a sharp, biting (no pun intended) pepper, with a lasting spice on the palette and in the retrohale.  As the wrapper blended in the pepper and spice dropped a notch as a bit of creaminess entered the profile, but it was not a significant change.  The body is a solid medium.

Though the second third the flavors of black pepper, and spice were the most dominant notes along with faint notes of a green pepper and a slight vegetal note.  At about the half way point I started getting faint creamy nutty notes in the background, almost reminiscent of peanut butter, which was the flavor that I felt really shined in the Cojonu 2012 Sumatra. Heading through the second third I could feel the body picking up a bit.

The last third was more of the same, various pepper notes dominated by black pepper, some spice, and the occasional creamy nuttiness.    By the time I got to the nub the body was hovering around the full level.

Overall: (2.7)  First let me say this, I enjoyed the size, smoking time, strength, and construction of the Wolfie.  It was a very good, enjoyable smoke.  Where Wolfie let me down was in the flavor ratio between the wrapper and the filler.  The filler was bold, spicy, and full of pepper whereas the Sumatra wrapper, which tends to be a bit more subdued , did not shine the way it did in the Cojonu 2012.  Yes I know I’m being repetitive, but that blend did a great job showcasing the wrappers best qualities.  I just wish the Wolfie did the same, but to my palette it fell just a bit short.  That said, I did like the Wolfie more than it’s big brother.

Total: 8.7

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