Cigar Review: Tatuaje Red Veruco Tubo

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Red Veruco Tubo

Tatuaje Red Veruco Tubo

Size: Torpedo (6 1/8 x 52)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler:  Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium-full

Price: $11.00 MSRP (2010)

Grade: 9.2

As a cigar smoker, one of the little joys I get is stopping at B&M’s while I’m traveling and finding cigars that are either not offered at one’s local shop or finding something old that is hard to come by, this is exactly how I came across my Tatuaje Red Tubo’s.

A few months ago, the other half and I were taking a getaway weekend and we stumbled upon a shop that was as much a whiskey bar as it was a cigar shop.  She decided it was a good time to grab a glass of wine so I took the opportunity to spend some time exploring their humidor before we sat down for libations.  While exploring the humidor I came across an open box with what must have been there last few Tatuaje Tubos.  I quickly grabbed the few Black & Red Tubos they had and when we got home they went to the bottom of the humidor.

Fast forward a few months and here I am trying to decide on a cigar to review.  I was really impressed with the 2012 Cojonu’s and decided to revisit the Tatuaje line-up.  I’ve been smoking a lot of the Black Petite Lanceros, the Petit Cazadores, and the Especiales.  With Tatuaje about to release the Mini Monsters  set and the Mexican Experiment this summer I thought what a great way to get ready and see what the ToastedFoot.Com archives were missing from Pete Johnson’s acclaimed Tatuaje brand.  When I saw that the Red Tubo was missing I figured I’d go humidor diving and pull out one of the Veruco’s for a review.

The Tatuaje Red Verocu was released in 2010 as a limited release.  I was lucky to find these in my travels which means there are still a few floating around out there.

But enough about that, how’s it smoke?

Pre-Light:  (1.9)  First of all I am a sucker for the packaging, while it really just adds aesthetic components (unless you’re traveling with them), the red tube with the white branding looks terrific, as do the two red, white, and silver bands.

The cigar itself has a toothy wrapper that even after a few years in the tube is still oily to the touch.   The torpedo has a beautifully tapered head.  On the particular sample I smoked for this review the Verocu had a section of wrapper leaf that was shades lighter than the rest.  This lighter shade was more of a dark rusty red than the brown shade of the majority of the wrapper.

The foot gives off aromas of hay, cocoa, and cedar.  Pre light draw offers hay and something reminiscent of red wine.

Burn:  (1.7)  The Red Tubo takes to flame and off we go.  The ash starts off strong with a solid grey ash.  The burn line is wavy and required a few touch ups.  As the cigar progresses the ash become more chunky at its core with a bit of flakiness on the perimeter.  The draw is absolutely perfect and I get great smoke production with no weakening of the burn when I let the cigar rest ( I’ve had both of these be issues on the Black Tubos).

Flavor:  (2.8)  At the start the Verocu lays down a foundation of peppery spice over an earthy platform that sets the stage for all the flavors that follow.   I get great rich notes of a very sweet and rich cocoa, cedar, roast coffee, and a note I can best describe as graham cracker-ishThe flavors are pronounced, rich, complex and incredibly complimentary.  They work so well together.

Into the second third the spice has faded into the background and I get a smoke that is incredibly rich in it’s milk chocolaty flavors.  The finish is long and  flavorful.  The background spice provides for a very nice balance with the sweet smoke.

Heading into the final third the flavors haven’t really changed.  Just as I started thinking about the lack of transition I start picking some nuttiness that adds a new dynamic into the flavors.  The nuttiness comes and goes through the last third and is a delicious surprise in the chocolaty smoke.

Overall: (2.8)  The Tatuaje Verocu Red Tubo is a fantastic cigar.  The flavors are rich, almost decadent at times.  The combination of cocoa, spice, coffee, earth, and nuttiness is right up my alley.  What I really appreciated was that just when I was thinking the cigar could use another note, it delivered one.

If you’re lucky enough to find these now I definitely recommend picking them up, but they may be hard to find without some real effort, or ask your friends if they still have any in their humidor.

Total: 9.2