Cigar Review: CLE Corojo Corona

Cigar Review: CLE Corojo Corona

CLE Corojo Corona

Size: Corona (5 3/4″ x 46)

Wrapper: Corojo

Binder: Honduran (?)

Filler:  Honduran, Dominican (?)

Strength: Medium-full

Price:  $ N/A

Grade: 8.7

A few days ago I received a small package of cigars from site sponsor SmokeInn.Com, when I opened the package it was a pleasant surprise as it contained samples of CLE Cigars new offerings.  CLE Cigars is a new line recently launched by Christian Eiroa, formerly of Camacho.  A bit more history courtesy of our friends at :

In a move that is not a surprise to many cigar insiders, Christian Eiroa, the president and long-time face of Camacho Cigars is launching his own company. This information was released in a report from Cigar Aficionado.

The new company is called CLE cigars and gets its name from Eiroa’s initials (Christian Luis Eiroa).  There are two lines being targeted.   The CLE Cuarenta will use a Habano-seed wrapper, while the CLE Corojo will use a corojo wrapper.  There are no specifics on the binder and filler of these blend.  Specifics on the vitolas have not been released.

The cigars will be rolled in Honduras, at the Tabacos Ranchos Jamastran  factory.  This is the same spot where Camacho Cigars have been made.  Eiroa says rolling of CLE began about a month ago and the plan is to have them on  market in July to coincide with Eiroa’s 40th birthday.

In 2008, Davidoff acquired Camacho Cigars. Eiroa stayed on for a while  remaining as president of the company during the transition period. Eiroa was a guest on the October 1st, 2011 edition of Kiss My Ash Radio and was very candid about his future in the cigar industry. When host Abe Dababneh asked where Eiroa saw himself in the next five years, Eiroa replied:  “I do very much want to  remain in the business; whether its with Davidoff, independently, or in some  other  phase or structure, but I will remain in this business. It’s what I do, it’s             what I love.”   

Welcome back Christian……

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Pre-Light:  (1.9)  The CLE Corojo sports a golden brown wrapper with a good bit of veins and lots of tooth. In fact is the bumps on the wrapper stand out on casual observation, as does the triple cap.  The CLE Corojo sports a black band with silver trim and Christians initials, CLE.   The CLE Corojo is tightly packed with just a small amount of sponginess when squeezed, mostly closer to the head.  You can see some darker filler leaf when observing foot.

The scent off the foot is almost intoxicating with a very rich almost maple syrupy aroma and a graham cracker note reminiscent of an Ernesto Perez-Carillo blend.  A snip of the head reveals a pre-light draw with a sweetness, a floral tea, wet oak, and that maple-ish syrup along with some pepper.

Burn: (1.7)  The CLE Corona burned a little wavy a few times but self corrected through the burn each time I experienced it.  The black and white ash was fairly firm, but not remarkable.

Flavor:  (2.5)  The Corojo wrapped CLE, as expected, opens up with a rich, spicy pepper on the first few puffs.  The pepper is not Pepin-Esque, but more flavorful.  As the first third begins to take off there are notes of charred wood, a hint of orange peel, and black pepper.  There is are also very strong cinnamon notes tat reminded me of Red Hots candies which balances nicely with a semi-sweet profile.

Heading into the second third and the sweetness starts to fade while the smoke develops more creaminess to the texture.  The orange peel has dissipated and its a contrast of sweet, although less so than the first third, and cinnamon spice.  Body is a solid medium-full.

Smoking into the final third and the cinnamon seems to be increasing.  There is also a recurring note that I can best describe as charred vegetable matter.  It isn’t a strong flavor, but it was there and is a bit tricky to explain.  The finish gets a bit sharp as I close in on the nub.  By the time I got to the nub the body was just edging towards full.

Overall: (2.6)  The CLE Corojo Corona is a cigar that is right up my alley, I really enjoyed the contrasts between sweet and spicy  along with the creaminess that emerged.  Not to mention the Corona Vitola which is a favorite of mine.

The pre-light aroma was fantastic, and is ia nice pre-cursor to the flavorful aroma.  I’m not sure about that charred vegetable note, is it a sign of youth, or a part of the longer term flavor profile?  Only time will tell.

I didn’t have MSRP information at the time of this review but a quick search on google suggests this will be a $6-$7 cigar.  I will absolutely smoke the CLE Corojo Corona again if that’s the case and am very curious to see how the cigar evolves over time and with a broader sample size.  As I said in the intro, welcome back Christian and thank you for a delicious medium-full bodied sweet and spicy smoke!  We look forward to reviewing your other blends.

Total: 8.7  (While these cigars were given to ToastedFoot.Com by site sponsor Smoke Inn Cigars it in no way influenced our review.)