Cigar Review: Camacho Liberty Limited Edition 2012

Cigar Review: Camacho Liberty Limited Edition 2012

Camacho Liberty 2012

Size: Perfecto 11/18 (6″ x 48/54/)

Wrapper: Honduran 2008 Corojo

Binder: Honduran 2008 Corojo

Filler:  Honduran 2008 Corojo

Strength: Medium

Price:  $16.70 MSRP

Grade: 8.5

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One of the most anticipated annual releases for cigar aficionados is Camacho Liberty series.  The Camacho Liberty began in 2002 as a way of celebrating the freedom the Eiroa family found in America.  Over the years the Liberty has undergone a number of blend, Vitola, and packaging changes.  For 2012 Camacho took a micro-batch approach for the release of the “crown jewel” of the Camacho portfolio.  A bit more from Camacho:

Our annual Liberty Series is the crown jewel of the Camacho portfolio and developed using the best concept blend of the year. This year’s offering is quite a unique one. In the past, the Liberty has been comprised of tobaccos from a variety of different origins, as well as vintages. The 2012 blend uses four priming’s solely  from our authentic Corojo crop of 2008, all grown on the same lot, specifically for this project.

This particular blend truly showcases the versatility and multitude of flavors that can be achieved when exploring this amazing varietal.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot.

Pre-Light:  (1.8)  The 2012 Liberty comes in a fantastic presentation with each cigar in its own coffin.  The coffin includes a sticker denoting which cigar of the 40,00 count run you are smoking.  The top of the coffin is inscribed with a notation denoting that the tobaccos are from a 2008 crop.  Once removed from the coffin the Liberty is an attractive cigar.  The unique tapered Perfecto, the band at the foot, and the embossed signature band all make for a striking presentation.

The Corojo wrapper is a rusty reddish brown with good bit of veins, tooth, and a few small white crystalline specks.   An inspection of the foot shows a nice variety of filler tobaccos.

The aroma off the foot is of rich cedar and sweet graham cracker.  The pre-light draw offers a hint of citrus, a bit more graham cracker, some pepper, and a little spice in the background.

Burn: (1.7)   The burn line starts off, and repeatedly becomes, uneven.  The salt and pepper ash flowers periodically, especially late in the smoke.  On the average the ash holds 1/2-3/4 inch and is very flakey when ashes.  Smoke production and draw are very good.  The Liberty produces nice plumes of smoke.

Flavor:  (2.5)  The Liberty opens up with a dominant note of tangy cedar accompanied with some citrus and a bit of spice.  There is a bit of complexity to the flavor balanced off with a bit of spice on the finish.  Body is medium (at best).

Smoking into the second third and he profile is fairly static.  Citrus, cedar, a bit of spice.  I also pick up a sporadic note of char which doesn’t seem to match the other flavors I get.  As I smoke through the second third the most impressive part of the flavor profile is how smooth the cigar is given that it is such a rich and almost tangy smoke.  There is also a bit of pepper and spice on the finish.  Body is still in the medium range.

Smoking through the last third and the Liberty starts with more of the same, refined, smooth, tangy, a little citrus in the mostly rich cedar notes.  However, it quickly takes a trn for the worse and the flavor seems to drop off a bit and for most of the last third the notes are predominantly hay and grass.  At this point the Liberty is closer to medium-full, but still not a full bodied cigar.

Overall: (2.5)  The Camacho Liberty is one of those Cigars that has achieved iconic status amongst aficionados and collectors.  It is a highly sought out, and quickly sold out, cigar in most circles.  That said, I can honestly say it’s a difficult cigar to score for me.

The flavors on their own are not world beaters, but together they work, for the most part.  The impressive part is how smooth the smoke is considering none of the flavors are smooth on their own, so I guess there’s a bonus point there for complexity.

At the end of the day I felt like I was smoking well aged Honduran tobacco, and I’m not sure I’d pony up the price tag again for that same experience.

Total: 8.5