Cigar Review: Ezra Zion Inception Exquisito

Cigar Review: Ezra Zion Inception Exquisito

Ezra Zion Inception Exquisito

Size: Toro (6 1/4″ x 52) Box Pressed

Wrapper: Nicaragua-’99 Cuban Seed Corojo

Binder: Nicaragua -’99 Cuban Seed Corojo & ’98 Cuban Seed Criollo

Filler:  Nicaraguan Cuban Seed Medio Tiempo, Viso, & Ligero

Strength: Medium-Full

Price:  N/A (pre–release sample provided by Ezra Zion Cigars)

Grade: 8.8

Ezra Zion Cigars is the brainchild of Kyle, Chris, and Don- the guys who brought you CigarFederation.Com.  If you didn’t know already, Cigar Federation is a Cigar social networking site that brings interviews, reviews, and social networking to the cigar masses.  In all honesty, I haven’t spent much time on their website as there are only so many hours in the day.  That said, there is something that makes me raise my eyebrow in a curious, and good way, when I read about independent Cigar media creating a new brand……..hmmm……

Here’s a little more from the guys:

Our story in a nutshell… 3 guys from California who are cigar maniacs decided to make the best cigars they could. We wanted to take our time blending and not release anything that didn’t classify as the best cigar we ever had… So we blended for 13 months in Nicaragua with some master blenders. Right now we’re working with a couple different manufacturers. Same guys who make Illusione, Viaje, Casa Magna, etc. I’m sure you can figure out who they are. We will release 2 cigars at IPCPR. Our first thought was to make one cigar called INCEPTION. It’s a Nicaraguan puro that will knock your socks off!

Ezra Zion Cigars reached out to us as and asked us if we would review the Inception, and considering their roots as a social networking site with plenty of reviews, we were honored to oblige the request.  The fact that Ezra Zion Cigars provided us with the sample has no influence on our review.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot.

Pre-Light:  (1.8)  The Inception is a a great looking cigar.  The reddish Colorado wrapper has a good bit of tooth and veins.  The triple cap is perfect.  The cigar is packed tight and has a firm box press.

The Inception has two bands, a very classy upper band denoting the brand, and a smaller foot band denoting the line.  Both bands are removed easily with no worry about damaging the wrapper.

The scent off the foot is mild with an earthy grass note and a general sweetness.  The pre light draw was fairly non descript with just hints of earth, hay, and leather.

Burn: (1.9)  The Ezra Zion Inception is one of the best constructed cigars I’ve reviewed this year…………………and since you decided to keep reading, here are the details.  The Inception burns straight, with minimal attention.  At times there is a a visible oil receding just below the burn line (love that!).  At about the hald way point it started to show some temporary jagged burn moments, but that never affected the smoke.

The Inception is a slow burner with a bit of resistance in the draw. No matter how much I neglected the cigar and let it rest, it never went out or needed a touch up from the flame.   Ash was strong as well.  I smoked most of the inception outside on a windy day and yet I was able to ash at better than 1″ intervals.

Really Great Construction.

Flavor:  (2.5)  When reviewing flavor profiles on cigars, I typically break them down into thirds to be able to highlight transitions, complexities, and nuance that change through the smoke, and for the Inception, it really was a tale of thirds in the flavors.

At first light the Inception opens up with a mild pepper quickly bringing along a gentle cocoa, spice, and a very creamy coffee note.  The first few puffs were very reminiscent of a top shelf cigar from Nicaragua that I consider a go to stick.  Through the first third the smoke is very smooth, and has a nice creamy texture to go along with the creamy taste.

As I smoke through the second third the cocoa and spice notes seem to drop out of the profile.  The smoke remains extremely smooth, creamy, and twice I got very mild coffee notes through the second third. I noticed myself looking for more of the flavor from that first inch though, and it wasn’t to be found.

The final third greets me with a quick nutty note, which like the cocoa, spice, and coffee note, proves to be elusive.  As I smoke though the nub the Inception has lost all the aforementioned character notes but remains creamy and smooth, and just when I think I’m done getting notes, I pick up a green pepper note, with a black pepper finish.

In summary the Inception was rich and complex to start.  As the smoke progressed it lost a bit of the great flavors it started off with.  The smoke was buttery smooth. The core flavor beneath the notes was a nice, creamy, somewhat typical aged tobacco flavor.  The Inception was medium-full bodied through out the smoke, with it creeping towards full bodied in the last third.  All the notes passed through the sinuses with definition until they eroded.

Overall: (2.6)   First off let me say kudos to the team at Cigar Federation and Ezra Zion Cigars, the Inception is a terrific launching point.  The cigar was an incredible specimen in terms of appearance and construction.  The flavors in the first third were equally impressive.  Where the Inception lost some points was when the notes started dropping off as the cigar progressed.  The creaminess lasted, and the smoke was buttery smooth throughout, I just wish the flavor from the first two inches would have carried through the entire smoke.

I am curious to see what a little rest does for the Inception, it is already incredibly smooth.  I want to know if that green pepper I got at the end was an aberration, it was a surprising note when I experienced it.

I thank Don Fonseca and the team at Ezra Zion Cigars for letting me review the Inception.  You guys have  a good stick there, and I’d certainly buy that cigar if it found it’s way to one of my local B&M’s.

Total: 8.8