Cigar Review: Davidoff Puro d’ Oro Gigantes

Cigar Review: Davidoff Puro d’ Oro Gigantes

Davidoff Puro d’ Oro Gigantes

Size: Super Robusto (5 1/2″ x 56)

Wrapper: Dominican Davidoff Yamasa

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Medium-full

Price:  $ 19.10 MSRP

Grade: 8.8

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Welcome back to the ToastedFoot, we hope you had a great fourth of July with friends, family, fireworks, and a great cigar or two.  I know I did.

We have just a few more days of our Lil Monster contest so if you haven’t entered, now is a great time.  We should be announcing a winner about a week from now.



As we return we will continue our foray away from Nicaraguan cigars and review the Davidoff Puro d’ Oro Gigantes.  The Puro d’ Oro Gigantes is a recently released extension of the Puro d’ Oro line from Davidoff, which features their exclusive sun grown Yamasa wrapper.  Now a few notes:

1. I’m not a big Davidoff smoker, this is not a knock on their cigars, they are just very different from the flavor profiles I tend to gravitate to.

2. It’s not just Davidoff I don’t regularly smoke, I tend not smoke that many Dominicans anymore, with a few exceptions of course.

3. This cigar was gifted to me by a friend who is a big Davidoff collector and he got them when they were released.  When he asked me to review it I couldn’t say “no”.

4. I don’t typically gravitate to large ring gauge cigars as I find the flavors dont always hold up as well.

5. The Puro d’ Oro Gigantes was a tricky cigar to photograph due to the gold bands.  They reacted poorly to the flash, and I’m not equipped with good photo equipment or training in photography.  Hope you like the pics we selected.



Pre-Light:  (1.8) The Puro d’ Oro Gigantes is a beautiful beast of a cigar.  The double robusto features a secondary gold band around the foot with the word “gigantes” embossed in it.  The wrapper has a bit of an oily feel and a nice sheen to it as well as some nice mottling.  The Puro d’ Oro Gigantes is rolled with a small pigtail at the head, features flawless seams, and just one or two significant veins.

The scent off the foot was of sour barnyard and sweet tobacco.  The pre light draw featured tastes of hay, grass, and most of all aged, premium tobacco.

Burn: (1.7)  I bit off the small pig tail as I typically due with pig tails but that didnt give me enough of an opening so I went ahead and hit the Puro d’ Oro Gigantes with the Xikar “V” cut.  draw was open with just a hint of resistance.  Once lit the Puro d’ Oro Gigantes starts with a slightly wavy burn line that self correct and the gets wavy again on and off through the smoke.  Smoke production is very nice through the smoke including while resting.  However, after the first half I had to touch it up a few times after a few extended rests in order to keep the burn true.



Flavor:  (2.6)  The first few puffs are a challenge to describe; hay, earth, and very distinct aged flavor, however this quickly opens up to a sweet grassy tea note that is really enjoyable.  The first third continues with a sweet earthy grassy profile that reminds me of why I use to smoke so many Avo’s.  There is just a slight spice that comes and goes on the finish.

The second third features smooth classic Dominican of sweet grass, hay, and an smooth earthiness.  The flavors tend to get richer through the smoke.  Through the first two-thirds, body is a solid medium.

Opening up the last third I get some real nice oak and some other woodsy flavors that mix in and out of the smoke and the retrohale.  The spice also picks up as do the flavors and the body.  Through the final third I put the body closer to full than medium.



Overall: (2.7)   It’s a bit of a challenge in reviewing a cigar that is outside of one’s typical profile and I definitely tried to review with the Puro d’ Oro Gigantes without prejudice to the flavors I am more accustomed to.

The Puro d’ Oro Gigantes is a a cigar to behold both in appearance and performance. It puts out a ton of smoke with refined flavor characteristics.  It’s a slow burner and I put it down after two hours due to time.  I probably could have smoked it for another 20 minutes and enjoyed every minute of it.  Despite it being outside my “norm”, both in profile and Vitola, I enjoyed it a great deal and I think most smokers would too.

Total: 8.8