Cigar Review: Tatuaje Avion 2012

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Avion 2012

Tatuaje Avion 2012

Size:  Short Perfecto -Box Pressed (5 5/8” x 48-52)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler:  Nicaraguan

Strength: Full

Price:  $8.50

Grade: 9.0

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First, to our loyal readers, an apology.  The week after IPCPR should have been full of reviews of the latest and greatest cigars headed to your local shop.  Unfortunately, yours truly came down with a ridiculous cold right after returning from the show rendering smoking impossible for the remainder of the week.  My humble apologies, but we plan on making it up to you with a whirlwind of reviews for the next few weeks!  Now onto the review.

My first post IPCPR review is of a cigar I had the pleasure of smoking while at the show and while talking with it’s manufacturer, the Tatuaje Avion 2012.  I smoked one with Pete while talking with him on the show floor, but my unexpected cold provided enough delay for these to show up at my B&M after the show and I was able to score one to do this review.

The Avion 2012 is a Vitola extension from last years limited release of Avion, which in itself is a line extension from the Fausto line and based on the Tatuaje 110.  The blend is meant to be high in strength and smooth in flavor.  Mission Accomplished!

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot….

Pre-Light:  (1.9)  The Tatuaje Avion 2012 is a great looking stick.  The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is quite dark and has some texture to it. The box press is firm, I didn’t feel any soft spots in either sample I smoked. There is a hint oil present to the wrapper

The scent off the foot is classic barnyard.  The pre light draw is a bit trickier because of the heavily tapered perfecto tip but it too featured barnyard and hay with a slight of hint of chocolate.

Burn:  (1.8)  The Avion 2012 starts off with a bit of a restrictive burn as the perfecto bulb burns off.  Once the burn passes the bulb the draw is a terrific, open draw that gives off a fantastic amount of smoke.  The charcoal colored ash is strong with the ash easily holding for the first third before I tapped it off.  Early on the burn was a bit uneven, but as I passed the first third it evened out.  I find that this is fairly common occurrence with the perfecto shape and it had no impact on the quality of my smoking experience.  The Avion did have a little resin build up, but it didn’t create any real restriction while smoking.

Flavor:  (2.7)  The Avion 2012 starts off wit ha a wonderful combination of pepper, spice, cocoa, and espresso right from the beginning.  I think that the extra wrapper at the bulb really helps to add some depth of the espresso and cocoa notes into the first few puffs.  As I progress through the first third I am thoroughly enjoying a very smooth smoke with hints of espresso and cocoa interwoven through the smoke.  There is a fair amount of pepper in the finish that passes through the nostrils as well.

The second third is just more of a rich and smooth smoke best characterized as having notes of cocoa and espresso bean intermittently all wrapped around a peppery profile with a spice that sticks to the tip of the tongue.  The peppery/spice note is a bit strong at this point, but I imagine that will smooth out with a few months of rest.

As I burn through the final third I find that the espresso and cocoa notes, which had been an intermittent background tease through much of the middle of the cigar have entered the foreground.  This makes the Avion 12 a cigar that just kept getting better as I smoked it and I was sad to put the finished nub down.

Overall: (2.7)   I smoked a lot of cigars when I was at the trade show and a few of them made a notable impression.  The 2012 Avion was one that fit that description.  I wasn’t a big fan of the 2011, but in this smaller presentation and with what is obviously a somewhat different filler to wrapper ratio I really enjoyed it.  The fact is the cigar was really good as it stood when I smoked it, and knowing some of Pete’s cigars do so well with a little extra rest, I will be buying a box of these so I can continue to smoke them and experience them as they smooth out a little more.

Total: 9.1