Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana LG Diez 2012 Chisel

Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana LG Diez 2012 Chisel

La Flor Dominicana LG Diez 2012 Chisel

Size:  Chisel  (5.5 x 55 )

Wrapper: Dominican

Binder: Dominican

Filler:  Dominican

Strength: Full

Price:  $12.10 msrp

Grade: 9.0

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I’ll let you know right from the beginning, the Litto Gomez Diez vintage series is one of those cigars that I just love.  This line is like the Dos Equis Man of cigars for me; “I don’t always smoke Dominican Puros, but when I do it’s a LGDiez”.   I have collected the line for a few years and have a handful of  different Vitola’s and vintages going back to 2006  in one of my humidors.  Therefore when I do smoke them, they are typically nicely aged, and not off the shelf.

As this cigar is one of my favorites when aged, I was curious to review one that was still “new” and grabbed a few when they were released earlier this summer and have been waiting to review them, until now.

But first the obligatory cigar history lesson courtesy of the La Flor Dominicana website:

In 1999, We challenged ourselves to produce a cigar that was made entirely with tobacco grown on our farm. We knew it was a difficult task, because it implied growing our own wrapper. The investment was big and the risk too. But the most difficult part was the waiting. The process of fermentation and aging took more years than we expected. We tested this blend month after month for three years. Just to be disappointed because it was not ready but at the same time happy because we would taste the progress. Finally the waiting is over, today we can celebrate this great achievement.

The Chisel is a unique shape that is a hallmark of LFD.  The cigar starts off as a figurado but the head of the cigar tapers into a somewhat flattened tip.  The inspiration for the idea, Litto had chewed down the head of a torpedo while driving.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot….

Pre-Light:  (1.9)  The natural dark somewhat reddish hued wrapper has some visible tooth, mottling, a some minimal veins, and there is a textured feel with just a hint of oil to the touch.  The Chisel tip appears to be quite skill fully crafted and the tip comes off cleanly with just a minimal snip.  The Litto Gomez Diez Vintage band has the year, 2012, on the right of the band.  A nice touch that didn’t exist in some of the earlier vintages and will certainly make identifying the cigar in a few years  much easier!

The LGDiez Chisel has a sweeat thick graham cracker and molasses aroma from the foot.  The pre-light draw is sweet, with graham cracker and a touch of cinnamon spice on the finish.

Burn:  (1.7) The LGDiez Chisel starts off with a bit of tension in the draw, it’s a comfortable tightness that opens up about half way through the first third.  The burn is a bit uneven but never gets out of hand, and if not being observed for review, would not make a difference.  The ash is a whitish grey that holds through the first inch.  The ash does get a little flowery and a few small flecks fall free.  The smoke production is good, even while at rest.  The LGDiez Chisel requires an occasional touch up.

Flavor:  (2.7)  At the light I am greeted with a plethora of different spices and peppers.  There is distinct cinnamon spice, black pepper, white wine, and cayenne in the flavor.  It is a very complex mixture of spice and pepper.    After a few puffs a tanginess joins the flavor.  As I get close to an inch there is a sweetness that starts to emerge from the tanginess and it is a welcome addition to the pepper and spice.  The sweetness continues to evolve, it is a thick cedar rich sweetness, and it is delicious.

Heading into the second third and the sweet cedar starts to move to the forefront but it is heavily balanced by a bouquet of spice and pepper notes.  The whole of the second third is a great interplay of a thick, not quite syrupy, sweetness and the various assorted spice and peppers.  Even the retrohale has a unique balance of sweetness and spice to it.

As I get into the final third the Chisel does a 180 from the beginning and the sweet cedar is now the dominant flavor and is rich in the textured smoke.  The spice and pepper has moved to being an accent flavor that intermingles wonderfully with the sweet cedar core, although the finish maintains a distinct pepperyness to it.  The LGDiez Vintage 2012 is a full bodied smoke, not as heavy as the Small Batch IV we reviewed here, but definitely full.

Overall: (2.7)   The LGDiez Chisel is a fantastic cigar.  I’d rather smoke these than certain other Dominican puros that are twice the price.  The flavors are much richer.  But I can also tell you this from experience:  These are fantastic cigars to age.  Its my experience that  the sweetness becomes syruppy rich over time and the pepper nadd spice becomes slightly reduced and much more cleanly defined.  Even with my preference for aging these, the 2012 LGDiez vintage series is box worthy right off the shelf.

Total: 9.0