Cigar Review: My Father Cigars La Duena No. 7

Cigar Review: My Father Cigars La Duena No. 7

My Father Cigars La Duena No. 7

Size:  Petite Lancero  (6″ x 42)

Wrapper: Connecticut Broad Leaf

Binder:  Estelí Nicaragua, Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler:  Estelí, Nicaragua, Connecticut Broadleaf

Strength: Medium

Price: 7.75 MSRP

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First there was “Don” Jose Pepin the man behind so many wonderful cigars.  Then there was Jaime Garcia, his son, and the master blender behind My Father Cigars, who named the company in honor of his father.  And now there is the La Duena, which is a feminine translation of “the boss”, a cigar blended in tribute to, and to the tastes of Pepin’s daughter Janny.  The La Duena was reportedly blended by Pete Johnson, of Tatuaje, who has very strong ties to the Garcia family as they manufacture the Tatuaje brands.

The goal of the La Duena, in addition to being a tribute to and a cigar for Janny, was to create a medium strength, but full flavored cigar that captured a flavor profile Janny would prefer.  In order to capture the essence of the flavor profile desired a Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper, along with a combination binder of Connecticut Broadleaf and Nicaraguan tobacco as well as filler consisting of Nicaraguan tobacco and Connecticut broadleaf tobacco.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Grade: 9.2

Pre-Light:  (1.9)   The La Duena No.7 is great looking cigar with a dark broadleaf wrapper, that while toothy, deems to be a bit smoother than some of the other Connecticut Broadleaf releases of the last year.  The Pigtail at the cap adds a nice aesthetic touch.  The white and red band with a female portrait is classic is appearance and fitting considering the background story of this cigar.  One thing I noticed is that there are small crystalline flecks in the wrapper leaf, much as there were in the Broadleaf Cojonu 2012.

The scent off the foot is has exudes sweet tobacco.  The pre-light draw has sweet tobacco, a bit of dry cocoa, and just the faintest hint of red wine.

Burn:  (1.9)  The La Duena No.7 had an effortless draw with just the right resistance.  This is often more challenging in these smaller Vitola, but as can be expected with a My Father manufactured cigar, the draw was just perfect.  The burn line was crisp with a slight bit of waviness that self corrected (another hallmark of MY Father Cigars).  Ash held a solid inch consistently.

Flavor:  (2.7)  The La Duena opened up with a bouquet of earthy tobacco, black pepper, dry cocoa, and spice on the first few puffs.  As the first  third progressed the pepper began to reduce itself and a sweat, earthiness, interlaced with dry cocoa took to the forefront.  The pepper and spice passed through the sinuses but this is was not the typical My father spice, it was much more gentle and well balanced with the dry cocoa.

The second third was an act of terrific balance between the earthiness, the dry cocoa, and a sweet tobacco.  The La Duena shined in its harmonious balance through the three dominant elements.

Into the final third and the dry cocoa was a the key note again but remained well balanced with the earthy and sweet tobacco.  The spice continued to move further into the background all the way through the end.

Overall:  (2.7) The La Duena no. 7 was exactly as it was meant to be, medium in strength, but full of flavor.  I had a petit belicoso given to me at IPCPR which was very tasty and decided this was a cigar I had to revisit as soon as it hit the shelves at the local B &M.  I had smoked several of them since in various Vitolas but was most intrigued by the Petit Lancero as it is a format I gravitate towards.  The No. 7 did not disappoint, in fact it exceeded expectations.  If you’re a fan of full flavor and medium body then it is right p your alley.  I had read and heard that the La Duena was designed as a blend between the La Riqueza and the La Casita Criollo.  I must say, I really thought this was a  great description as the blend really brought out the best elements of both cigars.  Kudos to My Father Cigars, Pete Johnson, and Janny Garcia on a cigar that absolutely delivers the goods.

Total: 9.2