Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Timeless Hermoso

Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Timeless Hermoso

Nat Sherman Timeless Hermoso

Size: Robusto (5.25″ x 54)

Wrapper: Honduran Criollo

Binder:  Domican

Filler:  Dominican & Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Price: $7 MSRP

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The Nat Sherman Timeless was born of a collaborative effort between Michael Herklots, Executive Director of Retail & Brand Management for Nat Sherman, and the Quesada Family (Matasa).  If you diudn’t know, Nat Sherman is a flagship name in the tobacco industry in this country and has a retail store located on 42nd Ave in Manhattan.  There is a long history behind the name, and the brand, but we’ll save that for other resources, here’s the Wikipedia link.

Why was I intrigued by the Timeless?  Simply put, I’ve been a big fan of a lot of the cigars that have been put out by the Quesada family over the last few years.  Typically with Quesada, when there is good buzz, it’s quite warranted, and for the last few years they have created a laundry list of buzz worthy cigars.  One of the more recent buzz worthy cigars from Quesada is the Nat Sherman Timeless, and one of the retailers near me has just started offering them, so I knew there would be a few Timeless going through my rotation and a review would follow.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Grade: 9.2

Pre-Light:  (1.8)  The Nat Sherman Timeless has a great looking almost chocolate milk brown Honduran Criollo wrapper that has quite a few veins.  The seams are flawless and there is a perfectly applied triple cap.

The scent off the foot was rich with tobacco, chocolate, and hay.  The pre-light draw was almost a perfect match to the the aroma on the foot.  Hay, rich earthy tobacco, and hnts of chocolate.

Burn:  (1.9)  Each of the Nat Sherman Timeless Hermoso’s smoked for the review were nearly flawless.  The draw was ample with a slight resistance.  The burn line was crisp and even, and the white-grey ash held to the inch consistently.   Smoke production was also consistently good and the Timeless required no touch ups or relights despite being a long lasting smoke.

Flavor:  (2.7)  The Timeless opens up with a rich, earthy tobacco, with some mild peppery notes.  At about the 1/2 inch mark the Timeless really starts to develop.  There are notes of espresso coming through the smoke and a  cedar-rich core is taking shape.  After the one inch mark the cedar has taken the forefront.  It is a smooth, refined cedar that leaves a mild spice on the tongue and some pepper in the finish.

Heading into and through the second third the Timeless develops a creamier texture to the smoke and I start getting additional flavors of oak and vanilla bean repeatedly appear in the bouquet of flavors joining the cedar ,espresso, and pepper.  The emergence of the creaminess and the additional flavors really create a terrific complexity to the Timeless that frankly, I didn’t see coming.  The flavors outside the cedar core are not overly rich or strong, but they create some wonderful nuances.  The strength is a solid medium and seems to be holding steady.

The final act is a wonderful encore of the middle third.  There is a cedar profile but so many other nuanced complexities that really make the Timeless a joy to smoke.  Again, varying elements of vanilla, espresso, oak, pepper all working in harmony to provide nuance and curiosity in each puff.  Strength did pick up a little in the final third.

Overall:  (2.8)  Appearance…excellent….construction…excellent….flavors….excellent with a great balance of nuanced complexity over an earthy cedar core.  Oh, and for $7 msrp.. ..Great work Michael, and another home run for the Quesada Family.  The Timeless has definitely earned a recurring spot in my rotation, however I do think this is a cigar best experienced on clean palate in order to truly experience the of all the nuanced flavors.  Also, I’d definitely recommend having a few extra minutes in your schedule when it’s time to enjoy the timeless, they do seem to last a little longer than your standard robusto.  I suspect we’ll see the  Timeless Hermoso again when we put together our best of 2012 list.

Total: 9.2