Cigar Review: Viaje 5th Anniversary

Cigar Review: Viaje 5th Anniversary

Viaje 5th Anniversary

Size: Box Pressed Perfecto (6 1/2″ x 52)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium-Full

Price: $13.20 MSRP

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OWell like all good things, they must come to an end, and so must my buen viaje through Viaje! (Yes, I know that pun was corny, but I get to write this stuff!)…….We’re are going to close our week in review with the Viaje 5th Anniversary. Unlike most of the Viaje special projects, the 5th Anniversary received very little pre-release marketing, but at the IPCPR trade show it stood out in it’s seamless white box display and it’s striking white embossed band is quite a contrast on the dark wrapper. I’ve said it before but I really enjoy and appreciate brand owner Andre Farkas’ attention to the packaging, and this is usually something I could give a rat’s ass about.

Like all Viaje’s these are small batched and extremely limited with only 7,500 cigars produced.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!


Grade: 8.9

Pre-Light: (1.8) The Viaje 5th sports a milk chocolate brown Nicaraguan wrapper with a number of smaller veins, some nice mottling, and a little bit of tooth. The 5th appears to be well rolled, with tight seams, a small open end at the foot reveals a rich aroma of sweet tobacco and hay, as well as a bit of spicy, smoky, tangy scent that comes off the wrapper.

I usually don’t talk about the wrappers aroma but since this was a perfecto with a small opening it couldn’t be missed when smelling the foot. As mentioned earlier, the white embossed band is quite striking on the 5th Anny. The box-press on the perfecto works well and is quite comfortable in the hand.

Burn: (1.8) The 5th Anny has a really good draw with just a bit of tension. The ash hold’s well and passes the inch test. The burn line was mostly crisp wit the occasional touch up. Make sure you budget your time as the Viaje 5th is a slow burner and not worth wasting by smoking quickly.

Flavor: (2.6) At first light there a gentle pepper, hint of licorice, espresso, and some spice. As the extra wrapper from the perfecto burns off the flavors begin to add some dynamic sweetness. Along with the espresso and pepper there are hints of caramel and a natural tobacco sweetness. I also notice a little nuttiness intermingling into the flavor. The body of the smoke which started off medium begins to evolve towards the end of the first third. The strength is medium.

Smoking through the second third and there is a continued build of natural tobacco sweetness and pepper. The espresso and nuttiness continue to dance around the flavor profile. The body of the smoke has really picked up and there is now a nice fully chewiness to the smoke. Strength on the other hand remains medium.

Smoking through the final third and it’s quite similar to the 2nd third. As we get closer to the nub the nuttiness dissipates and a grassier note emerges. There also seems to be a bit more of a defined woodsy element in the last third as well as an increase in pepper.

Overall: (2.7) The Viaje 5th Anniversary is a very enjoyable cigar that is worth the 2+ hours spent on it. Unlike many of the Viaje blends, the flavors are a bit more nuanced and less in your face. There is a really nice balance between the espresso, sweet tobacco, nuttiness, pepper, and spice.

The blend on the 5th Anniversary is an elegant contrast to much to much of the Viaje portfolio which is often stronger in strength and bolder in flavor. Personally, I really enjoyed the change up and would definitely smoke the Viaje 5th Anniversary again.

Total: 8.9 We hope you enjoyed Viaje week here on ToastedFoot.Com, by now you’re probably really curious as to how you can win the contest. so here are the details