Cigar Review: Viaje Honey & Hand Grenades Rapier

Cigar Review: Viaje Honey & Hand Grenades Rapier

Viaje Honey & Hand Grenades Rapier

Size: Perfecto (6 1/2″ x44)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Price: $10 MSRP

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The Viaje Honey & Hand Grenades (HHG), is a new release from Viaje that had generated a good amount of buzz leading up to its release at IPCPR this year. The HHG line features a unique perfecto-like Vitola that resemble a reverse torpedo with the tapered end being the foot of the cigar. The name “Honey & Hand Grenades” was chosen to relay the blends intended signature features of sweetness and strength. Like all Viaje’s these are small batched and extremely limited.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Grade: 8.7

Pre-Light: (1.9) I don’t often spend much time discussing packaging, but I would really do an injustice to Viaje if I didn’t. The HHG is really unique in terms of its appearance. First, the Vitola, which as earlier mentioned, is similar to a reverse torpedo. Secondly, the HHG is wrapped in red foil from below the band to the end of the foot. Regardless of whether or not this was done for aesthetics or to help preserve the unique shape, it is quite striking, as is the black and white band. There is also a pin sized hole at the head of the cigar which was done to help aid the drying process. The HHG feels firmly packed with just a slight give when squeezed.

The Criollo wrapper is dark with some nice mottling, a few veins, tight seams, and the pin holed triple cap. It’s very difficult to get a pre light draw due to the closed foot, but what I could taste was a spicy, almost tobacco. I clipped the foot ever so slightly to get a draw and was the able to pick up a very distinct cherry element to the pre light.

Burn: (1.6) The HHG’s smoked for this review had open draws once lit. The smoke was full and at times rather remarkable considering the smaller ring gauge. The burn was steady and well paced. The did burn a bit uneven in the first third but tended to catch up nicely. . The Rapiers smoked for this review required multiple touch ups.

Flavor: (2.6) The first few puffs of the HHG feature are rich in flavor from the wrapper due to the shape and they are quite rich in flavor with a spicy and peppery tobacco core, a bit of woodsy char and a semi-sweet rich dark cherry note. As I get past the tapered head the peppery note gains a bit more traction, although it’s not the dominant flavor. The charred wood, rich tobacco, and cherry are all in the forefront of the flavor profile. There is a good bit of pepper to the finish. The strength is noticeable and in the full range even in the first third.

Smoking into the second third and there is a little transition as the sweetness tapers back a little bit as the pepper moves into the foreground. The tobacco is rich in flavor with elements of oak, spice, pepper, and sweetness that lingers on the palate after the pepper passes. The smoke is really pumps on the Rapier and is impressive to behold.

The final third presents another small transition as the pepper seems to pick up a bit more punch while the rich earthy tobacco remains. The cherry note dwindles and the sweetness fades. The pepper remains dominant and a bit spicy. Strength and body were full throughout the smoke but never overwhelming, just full.

Overall: (2.6) The HHG is a really tasty cigar that delivers on it’s moniker of honey and hand grenades, or sweet and strong. Although neither the sweetness or strength are over powering, they are pronounced. I really have to give Andre Farkas credit for creativity as well. The concept, packaging, and of course the product are all top notch. The biggest downside to the HHG is its limited availability as there are only 300 boxes released of each Vitola, and if history is any indicator these will be gone fast!

Total: 8.7 As we mentioned here this will be Viaje week on ToastedFoot.Com. Stay tuned as we will be announcing a contest later this week!