Cigar Review: Viaje Satori Karma LE 2012

Cigar Review: Viaje Satori Karma LE 2012

Viaje Satori Karma LE 2012

Size:   Robusto (Box Pressed)  (5″ x52)

Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas Maduro

Binder:  Nicaragua

Filler:  Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Price:  $10.35 MSRP

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Viaje, a fairly young brand at 5 years old, is one of those brands that burst on the scene and has a very strong and loyal following, especially amongst the internet readership crowd.  One of the unique elements of the Viaje brand is that everything produced is done in small batches with very limited (annual) releases.  I spoke to Andre Farkas, Viaje’s owner, at IPCPR and he told me that going forward even the brands core lines, the Oro and the Platino, will be annual releases.

For a number of years I wasn’t able to find Viaje locally and therefore had to order them or pick them up in my travels so my experience with them is fairly limited, although I can tell you I really liked the Oro and Oro Reserva blends.  Well needless to say I was really excited when I saw that site sponsor, and one of my local B&M’s, Smoke Inn Cigars had brought in the Viaje line.  As an extension of my enthusiasm I am going to do Viaje reviews for the rest of the week and be sure to stay tuned because I have a contest scheduled to close out the week!

Today we are going to review the Satori Karma, which is a great looking box-pressed Robusto.  The Satori line was originally introduced in 2010 and has undergone a number of minor tweaks for each of its annual small batch runs.   Like all of the Viaje offerings, these cigars are rolled at the famed Raices Cubanas factor in Honduras, home of such brands as Alec Bradley, Casa Fernandez, Illusione, and formerly a number of Padilla brands.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Grade: 8.9

Pre-Light:  (1.8) The Satori features an incredibly dark San Andreas Maduro wrapper that has some visible veins and a slightly oily sheen.  The Satori is densely packed and the box pressing is quite firm, giving the Satori and almost square like appearance.  The Satori features a triple cap.

The scent off the foot is of rich, yet earthy tobacco, with a hint of sweetness.  After I cut the cap the pre light draw reveals a woodsy almost oak element accompanied by a hint of floral and a nice sweetness.

Burn:  (1.7)  The Satori produces a a rich thick and full bodied smoke.  The draw has a bit of tightness to it, but that is no surprise considering how packed this baby is.  The burn is a bit uneven, especially through the first third but by the midway point it evens out.  I did have a slightly protruding leaf stem from the foot that I decided to pull out as I approached the last third.  It had no impact on the smoke.

Flavor:  (2.7)  At first light I am greeted with a medium peppery spice, a bit of licorice, and some sweetness from the San Andreas wrapper.  AS the Satori continues to develop in the first third I am really impressed by the balance between the spice, the sweetness, and the flavors as there is a really good dark coffee bean element joining in to the dark earthy profile.  The Satori produces a full bodied smoke and is in the medium range of strength in the first third.

Smoking into the second third and the enjoyable and somewhat complex flavor profile is joined by a charred berry element which blends in nicely with the complex bouquet of sweetness, dark roast coffee bean, earthy tobacco, pepper, and spice.  The strength of the Satori seems to be increasing and moving its way towards full.  The balance and complexity of flavors is quite enjoyable.

In the least third I lose track of the charred berry note.  The Satori continues to offer a nice balance between earthiness, dark roast coffee bean, mild pepper, and sweetness.  There is definitely s bit of spice there as well but it isn’t overpowering and doesn’t take away from the flavors during the retro hale. As I prepare to end my journey with the Satori I make note of the fact that the strength has moved to full.

Overall:  (2.7)   The Viaje Satori Karma is a really enjoyable smoke that offers a wonderful balance of flavor and complexity.  The San Andreas Wrapper (a favorite of mine) brings a really nice sweetness to the smoke but I didn’t notice much of the cocoa that is often associated with that wrapper.  Quite frankly I liked that differentiation.   The Satori by Viaje is most certainly a cigar I will be enjoying again.

Total: 8.9 

As we mentioned in the Intro, this will be Viaje week on ToastedFoot.Com.  Stay tuned as we will be announcing a contest later this week!