Cigar Contest: The Great “Guess The Gurkha” Giveaway!

Cigar Contest: The Great “Guess The Gurkha” Giveaway!


Grand Prize:  VWarnerJr for including Ghosts and ashtray in his answer!
Second Prize: BKinHop who also included Ghosts and ashtray in his answer!




Thanks to everyone for participating!  If you didn’t win, try again when I announce my next contest in a few days!



A few weeks ago my friends at Gurkha asked me if I’d be interested in working with them on a contest and as you guys know, I love to give away cigar stuff, so how could I say no.  After a few days I received a box of “Stuff” from Gurkha including this very cool backpack to give away to my readers.

So here’s how the contest works.  If you can guess the contents of the bag you’ll be entered to win.  If there are multiple correct submissions then I will choose via two winners.  The first winner will receive the Gurkha submitted prizes.  The second place winner will receive a 10 pack sampler of cigars out of my humidor.

The rules are as follows:

1.) Log into the site and place your guess as to the contents of backpack.  Your guess must be specific.  Simply guessing “Cigars” will not enter you to win.
2.) You must be over 18 and a resident of the USA
3.) Only one entry per person.
4.)  As stated above, if there are multiple correct guesses than the winners will be chosen using Random.Org
5.)  The contest will end at Midnight, Friday December 1st.
Here is the picture:


And finally a quick thank you to Oliver at Gurkha for making this happen.

Good luck to all of you!



  1. Special Ops

  2. NoFearDiver

    Nothing! Empty bag!

  3. Ghurka cigars, special ops knife, travel humidor, shirt, hat, cutter, ashtray.

  4. KompuderGuy

    •20 Special edition churchill sized cigars (packed in travel case)
    •Matte black, ballistic plastic travel case
    •Limited edition Gurkha combat 12″ long knife
    •One 2 sided Gurkha military-style coin
    •Rugged Gurkha backpack

  5. I think the pack contains 20 Gurkha Special Ops cigars with the travel humidor, collector coin, and tactical knife with sheath.

    Thanks for the contest!

  6. Gurkha Ninjas a Box, along with a knife, cutter, and travel Case in cammo

  7. Cigars: 20 Special Ops Ltd Churhill’s
    Travel Case: Holds up to 30 Churchill’s
    Special ops 12′ knife with hard scabbard
    Double Sided Collectors coin Special Ops
    The durable nylon backpack itself.

  8. MattyBlayze

    I say the bag contains a box of Special Ops Churchills, a travel case to hold them in, the Special Ops knife in sheath and a collectible coin as well.

  9. Gurkha Special Ops Cigars.

  10. 125th Anniversary cigars.
    Gurkha coffee mugs.

  11. Gurkha Crest Metal Sampler and som Gurkha Coffee Expresso Beans

  12. Special ops cigars, knife, hat, coin, sticker, travel humidor, cutter, lighter, ash tray, and a shirt.

    Thanks for the chance and happy Thanksgiving!

  13. TX Moose 44

    5 pack Beasts, 5 pack Ninjas, 5 pack Black Dragons, 5 pack Assassins…travel humidor, pack of coffee, and a lighter.

    Gotta get me some Gurkhas…

  14. Churchill748

    Limited Edition Black Dragon Tubos, Gurkha Torch Lighter & Cutter. Happy ThanksGiving!!

  15. Special Ops cigars; Special Ops knife; Gurkha hat;cutter;lighter;shirt;ash tray. Thanks for the contest

  16. Sticks in the bag are as follows…
    Gurkha 125th Anniversary
    Cellar Reserve
    + various accessories: cutter and travel humidor.

    Thanks and I look forward!

  17. jungjae510

    Box of Ghurka Spec Ops w/ coin and knife and travel humidor

  18. Box of 50 Grand Age Churchills.

  19. Guarnacciad

    Special Ops cigars, 125th anniversary cigars, Ghost cigars, Lighter, Cutter, Ashtray, Special ops knife and sheath, Special ops collectible coin, and a travel case/humidor.

  20. Box of Gurkha 125th, few shirts, ashtray,

  21. otterbox w/ ghost cigars a t-shirt and hat

  22. jungjae510

    Box of ghosts

  23. dogs2bird1

    I guess a five pack of each of the new cigars(Cellar Reserve,Royal Challenge, and Seduction)along with a cutter,lighter, and ashtray

    • dogs2bird1

      not really new cigars, but are ones I would like to try if they were in the bag lol. But my guess would be several fivers as well as the other goodies I mentioned

  24. The One Ring

  25. a TURKEY LEG !!!

  26. vwarnerjr

    Special Ops cigars, Special Ops Hat, Ghost cigars, Lighter, Cutter, Ashtray, Special ops knife, Special Ops collectible coin, travel case/humidor, Special Ops Backpack of course, a selection of other Gurkha cigars.

  27. Cigars, cutter, lighter, a turkey.

  28. A Godzilla pack, Box of Special Ops, Coin, Knife, Hat, Travel Humi and a sampler of Grand Reserve. Thanks for the opportunity to score some Great Gurkha sticks and swag.


  29. A box of 125th anniversary sticks and some cool accessories.

  30. 125th Anniversary Cigars
    Ghost Cigars
    Travel Humidor
    Gurkha Coffee

  31. Sample of every cigar Ghurka makes, a Special Ops hat and knife, Ghurka humidor and cutter.

  32. Gurkha Special Ops Limited Edition Cigars, Travel Humidor & Tactical Knife Set

  33. safetyvictor

    I love love love Gurkha almost as much as I love Swag…cigars you can get swag you have to be lucky……
    Coffee, Godzilla Pack, Cutter, travel Humidor, Lighter a shirt & hatof course and wow a silver plated small leaf ash tray.


  34. opelmanta1900

    I’m going to guess it’s a box of the new 125th anniversary cigars.


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