Cigar Review: Maldonado Dynasty: The Beverly Hills Cigar Brand “The Mogul”

Cigar Review: Maldonado Dynasty: The Beverly Hills Cigar Brand “The Mogul”

Maldonado Dynasty: The Beverly Hills Cigar Brand “The Mogul”

Size: Toro (6″ x 50)

Wrapper: Arapiraca Maduro

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican, Peruvian, Columbian
Strength: Medium-Full

Price: N/A Samples provided by manufacturer

A little over a month ago I received a message on twitter from Paul Maldonado from The Maldonado Dynasty, the Beverly Hills Cigar Brand, asking me if I’d be interested in reviewing his cigar, The Mogul. I told Paul I’d be happy to do so and he was kind enough to send a few samples which I rested in my humidor for a few weeks before smoking for this review.

The Maldonado Dynasty is a relatively new cigar brand but you can find out more from their website at The following is from the Maldonado Dynasty press kit:

Paul Maldonado FOUNDER – is a world traveler, inspired and driven by his love of premium cigars, leisure, elegance and all things luxury. His goal was to give Beverly Hills its own cigar line and build The Maldonado Dynasty into a Global Luxury brand. He utilizes his experience as a director/producer in all creative marketing campaigns to build Maldonado into what it is quickly becoming-an elite luxury brand. Destiny was inevitable, Paul studied high school abroad,attending Santiago Christian School in the mecca of the cigar movement of the Dominican Republic.

As we continue to grow into the future, we are looking to establish The Maldonado Dynasty as an elite Luxury brand in the cigar and global affluent market. Along with sponsoring sporting events like Polo, Sailing, Golfing, and Tennis, we will also sponsor the arts and its cultivation into the future. And just as importantly, we will form fruitful partnerships with other Luxury brands throughout the world.

The first thing that caught my eye was the unique characteristics of the blend. At a time where there seems to be an industry drift towards puros, or at least single nation filler blends, I was curious to smoke a blend that featured an interesting filler recipe. The use of a dark Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper was also a welcome change up.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Grade: 8.7

Pre-Light: (1.6) The Dark Arapiraca wrapper is pleasing to the eye, a little gritty to the touch, and just a bit oily. There were a few veins and a good bit of tooth to the wrapper. The 50 ring gauge in the Toro is a welcome change up from all the wider ring gauge cigars that are so prevalent in the market.

On one of the samples I received there was a loose seam, but that may have been caused by jostling in shipping. The Mogul is capped off with a very well executed triple cap at the head.

The scent off the foot includes hay, grass, cedar, and fruit. The pre light draw is open and reveals elements of cedar and fruit that are corresponding to the aroma off the foot.

Burn: (1.7) The Mogul burns with a beautiful, open draw that is just perfect for the size and ring gauge. The smoke output is phenomenal and reminiscent of a Liga in terms of both smoke on the draw, and while resting. It isn’t as full bodied of a smoke but it billows out in quantity. There was a small amount of wrapper flaking at the head and the nub got a bit warm in the last inch. Ash is strong and easily passes the inch mark.

Flavor: (2.7) At first light the Mogul presents flavors of fruit, pepper, wood, and spice. As mentioned earlier, smoke output is truly noteworthy right off the bat. About an inch in the wood evolves into a more defined cedar flavor. As I progress through the first third I am greeted by an emerging tangy dried fruit note with a gentle pepper and spice to the finish.

The second third picks up where the first third ended with a wonderful assortment of flavors including dried fruit, pepper, spice, and the occasional hint of espresso. No one flavor dominates in the second third as they each take turns jockeying for attention from the senses. The smoke is very smooth, and very rich in flavor. The retro-hale is full of flavor too, with the fruit, cedar, spice , and espresso each appearing at carious times in the retro hale.

The final third sees a continuation of all the core flavors present in the second third. Early on it tastes as if the flavor profile deepens and the flavors get a little richer. The Mogul continues to present a tremendous volume of smooth yet flavorful smoke. As I get closer to the nub the flavors start to lose some of their distinctiveness and given the warmth of the nub I lay the Mogul to rest.

Overall: (2.7) I’ll admit that I am often skeptical when I’m approached by a newer manufacturer for a review. I attempt to review cigars that I enjoy first and foremost and don’t like spending too much time on Cigars I wouldn’t smoke again. With that said, I am really glad Paul asked me to review his cigar. The Mogul is absolutely full in body, yet not heavy in strength, more medium-full with the nicotine not being noticeable until late in the smoke. The blend is complex and most importantly, the Mogul is a heck of a tasty treat. The Maldonado Dynasty Mogul offers an incredibly smooth, complex, and richly flavorful experience to the palate. Definitely a cigar I would smoke again if they make their way to a shop near me. I’d certainly encourage other lovers of the leaf to give the Mogul a try. Also be sure to give Paul a follow on twitter @MaldonadoDynsty I’m sure he wouldn’t mind helping you find a shop that offers the Mogul.

Total: 8.7 PS. Don’t forget to enter our Gurkha contest here!