Cigar Review: Tatuaje Apocalypse

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Apocalypse

Cigar: Tatuaje Apocalypse (Smoke Inn Micro Blend Exclusive)

Size: Salomon (5 1/4″ x48/52)

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf           

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium-Full

Price: $8.95 MSRP ( $134.25 per box)

Grade: 9.3

Back in late 2010, shortly before celebrating their 15th year anniversary,  Smoke Inn Cigars launched their Micro Blend Series.   The Micro-Blend series features some of the worlds best cigar manufacturers producing a limited run of cigars exclusively for Smoke Inn.  The four previous Micro Blend Cigars were:

  • Tatuaje-“Anarchy”
  • Padron- “SI-15”
  • My Father-“El Hijo”
  • Fuente-“Solaris”


The first release of the group, the “Anarchy”, by Pete Johnson’s Tatuaje was an incredible success.  The Anarchy was a unique Salomon featuring a pigtail rolled into a bun as the cap and had an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over Nicaraguan binder and filler.  You can read my predecessors review here.

As a regular at Smoke Inn, I was given a pre-release of the Anarchy and needless to say, I really liked it. So in December of 2010 when they were released I grabbed a box.  After smoking the first third of the box fairly quickly I decided to let them age and smoke one every so often.  The Anarchy is a terrific example of how cigars improve with age and now that I’m down to my last few from that first box, they are so good I’d hate to finish them.

Recently Smoke Inn updated their Tatuaje Anarchy website (here) to announce the release of the sequel to the Anarchy, the Apocalypse.  A week ago Abe Dababneh, proprietor of Smoke Inn, offered me a few pre-release samples of his new project with Pete Johnson, The Apocalypse.  Abe explained to me that the filler and blend was a “tweaked” version of the Anarchy blend, but the wrapper was different.  After I had smoked a few samples, Abe confirmed my suspicion that the wrapper had changed and the Anarchy features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.  Also, Abe mentioned that the Apocalypse would be a one time, 1300 box, limited run.

Once again, this review is based on pre-release samples gifted to me by Smoke Inn Cigars.  SmokeInn.Com is a site sponsor.  While I always am appreciative of the generosity of others, it does not influence the content of the review.

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Pre-Light : (1.9) The Apocalypse features a beautiful dark brown mottled wrapper with some notable veins.  The wrapper is quite toothy making it feel a little grainy to the touch.  The Apocalypse is well packed but has a little spongy give when squeezed.  Like the Anarchy, the Apocalypse features a pigtail wrapped into a bun at the cap.

The open foot gives off aromas of, sweet hay, barnyard, and a really rich cocoa.

 Burn:  (1.8) The Apocalypse has an effortless draw.  The black and white marbled ash is firm and easily holds well past the first inch.  The burn line is a bit wavy and uneven at times through the bulb, which I find is often the case with Salomon’s.  The burn line does self correct as the cigar burns.  The Anarchy burned cool to the touch and I nubbed two of the samples I smoked.  The Anarchy required no relights or touch ups which I was impressed with considering these were pre-release samples.

Flavor:  (2.8) The first few puffs are a wonderful dry bakers cocoa with a good bit of peppery spice that is really nice.  Through the progression of the bulb there is more dry cocoa, pepper,  and Pepin-esque spice.  The spice carries through the finish and is defined through the retro hale.

As I smoke into the second third there’s a rich red wine note that emerges and harmonizes with the cocoa.  The red wine note is a welcome addition as it adds a new dimension of complexity to the dry cocoa, pepper, and spice.  Strength to this point is a solid medium, with smoke body being closer to full as the rich smoke flows even while the cigar rests.

In the final third the Apocalypse absolutely shines.  As I start into the final third the  flavors take on a doughy characteristic reminding me of semi-sweet chocolate brownie mix.  The cocoa sits in the front of the flavor profile with the red wine note enriching the flavor profile and the pepper and spice closing out the finish.   The Apocalypse closed  like a star as the last inch and a half were a wonderful crescendo of all of the flavors in perfect balance.  The Apocalypse was sneaky strong, and somewhere in the last third the Apocalypse moves up into the full strength range.

Overall: (2.8) The Apocalypse is an excellent and fitting addition to the Micro-Blend series.  The flavor from the wrapper is terrific and is well balanced by the spice from the filler and the red wine notes that emerged through the second two thirds added just the right amount of complexity to ensure that the Apocalypse will be another hit for Smoke Inn & Tatuaje!  I will absolutely be buying a box of these and am curious to see if they age anywhere near as well as the Anarchy did.  That said, they are already good to go!

Total:  9.3


Editors Note:  This review is based on pre-release samples gifted to me by Smoke Inn Cigars.  SmokeInn.Com is a site sponsor.  While I am always appreciative of the generosity of others, it does not influence the content of the review.