Cigar Review: Crémo Classic Maduro Intrepidus

Cigar Review: Crémo Classic Maduro Intrepidus

Crémo Classic Maduro Intrepidus

Size: Toro (6″ x 52)

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Price: $12 MSRP

So it’s been a few a little while since I’ve had a chance to publish a review. Between the holidays and work, time was at a premium. Throw in a few days of being sick after new years and a few days turn into a few weeks. Happy to say we’re back and I hope everyone had a great new year!

We closed out 2012 singing the praises of the La Palina “Goldie”, which won our cigar of the year, so though it would be fitting to start the year with another cigar rolled at the famed El Titan de Bronze factory on Miami’s Calle Ocho.

The cigar we’re reviewing is the Crémo Cigars Classic Maduro. Crémo Cigars is an ultra boutique brand that is owned by Lilo Santiago, who is about as passionate about his cigars as any of us. You can’t argue with a guy who uses the El Titan de Bronze Factory, which is famous for its excellent quality, and quality blenders including Willy Herrera who is now with Drew Estate. Here’s a little more about the brand from their website:

The original Cremo Cigar made a name for itself with a commitment to providing their customers with value, making them one of the most successful cigar brands of the early 20th century.

Cremo’s attention to detail was evident in their advertising. They put out some of the strongest advertising campaigns of their era and bumped William Penn Cigars from the number one spot in sales for cigars of their class.

Our focus as the new Crémo Cigar company is to provide a cigar of masterful construction, outstanding quality and complex flavor. Our vision is simple and straightforward, we want to provide an exceptional smoke and on top of it all, customer satisfaction. After years of hard work, and rigorous determination, we have created a cigar worthy of these aspirations.

But enough about that how’s it smoke?

Grade: 8.6

Pre-Light: (1.7) The chocolate brown San Andres wrapper has a number of prominent veins running down its body and a lot of tooth. The black on silver band with the Cremo logo is simple and stated, and stands out in striking contrast against the dark wrapper. There is a perfect triple cap however the we’re two spots where the wrapper seams were slightly less than seamless. Of course this could have been a product of my own mishandling.

The scent off the foot was of sweet hay with a hint of damp wood and a defined, lush, cocoa. The pre light draw is far more subdued with oak with a much more subdued hint of cocoa.

Burn: (1.6) Draw is just right with enough tension to prevent a fast burn. The predominantly white ash holds past the inch mark, in fact on one sample the ash holds through the entire first third.

I had a few wrapper cracks early on with one sample as the wrapper started to split off a fairly prominent vein. I had to focus on it for a bit to prevent greater ripping. In the last third of the sample with the wrapper issues there were a few more wrapper breakdowns, however as a testament to the skill at El Titan de Bronze, the wrapper issues I experienced didn’t effect the smoke. It just caused the burn line to be a bit distorted. By the last third I had smoked through the wrapper issues and burn line evened out a bit.

The smoke is a nice medium body. As is the strength.

Flavor: (2.6) At first light there is a gentle pepper spice some and a rich creaminess which quickly transitions into a fantastic milk chocolate flavor. As I smoke through this richly flavored Crémo, there is a nice peppery spice settling on the roof of my mouth. Smoking through the first third and the milk chocolate flavor from the wrapper is at the forefront and is enhanced by finish with that has both black and green pepper in the profile. The smoke is lush and creamy in texture.

In the second third things kick off with big blast of oak which is quickly followed up by more milk chocolate, pepper notes, and spice. The whole second third brings a wonderful balance of cocoa, oak, pepper, and spice. The spice was never strong and it balanced the flavors nicely. Retro-haling really brings out the chocolate flavors from the wrapper.

The third act is almost a mirror image of the second third. deep notes of cocoa and oak expertly balanced with pepper and spice all wrapped up in a creamy lush smoke. Despite the wrapper issues mentioned previously it seems to have no effect on the smoking experience.

Overall: (2.7) The Crémo Classic Maduro is a well balanced, medium strength, flavorful smoke that was right in my wheelhouse for flavors. While I had some wrapper issues with one of the samples, these proved to be predominantly aesthetic and didn’t negatively affect the experience (though it is reflected in the scoring).

I had smoked the Original Crémo Classic line after meeting Lilo at IPCPR last year and I feel the Maduro wrapper really does a fantastic job of bringing the Crémo Classic to the next level. The change of wrapper leaf really adds a great deal to the character of the cigar. Certainly a cigar I’d gladly smoke again. If you are looking for a true small batch cigar, made in the USA at a legendary facility, be sure to give the Crémo Classic Maduro a try.

Total: 8.6

Editors Note: These cigars were submitted by Crémo Cigars for review. While we appreciate the generosity of others, it in no way affects our review.