Cigar Review: Emilio Cigars La Musa Mousa Torpedo

Cigar Review: Emilio Cigars La Musa Mousa Torpedo

Emilio Cigars La Musa Mousa Torpedo

Size: Torpedo (6 1/2 ” x 52)

Wrapper: Habano Rosado

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium-Full

Price: $8.75 MSRP

My interest in Emilio cigars began, like so many others, in reading a lot of the published reviews that were emerging in 2011 regarding Gary Griffith’s young company. Unfortunately, while the brand was taking roots in social media, it had yet to penetrate my local market. Early in 2012, prior to the re-launching of ToastedFoot I had started developing an online rapport with Gary on my other twitter handle, @WillyStyl. Of course that online relationship consisted of a whole lot of me venting my frustration on not being able to find his cigars in my market but with that, the vamped Vampire of the cigar industry and I developed an enjoyable rapport and Gary, true to his character, became an engaging friend through the twitter-verse.

I finally had the occasion to meet Gary after the re-launch of ToastedFoot at IPCPR in 2012 and share a number of conversation during some of the after show events. He is quite the engaging character. For those of you who don’t know, Gary launched Emilio cigars a few years ago with several lines, the AF1, AF2 , and subsequently the AF Suave, all manufactured by AJ Fernandez (hence the AF, as a tribute to Gary’s friendship with AJ). Then Gary released the Grimalkin, a limited release that set the social media world aflame (pun intended). The Grimalkin was, at the time, a limited release Nicaraguan Puro blended in Esteli. The factory information was not released to the public.

In 2012 Gary announced a re-launching and re-branding of the Grimalkin, this time as the La Musa, in tribute to a friend of Gary’s who has provided him with unknown inspirations. Either way, the re-launching and re-branding was met with a warm welcome by aficionados and fans of Gary’s brands. The La Musa Mousa is the first release of an expanded La Musa line up that includes both additional lines under the title name as well as additional Vitolas.

The cigars for review were provided by Emilio Cigars. No request for review was made by Emilio Cigars. While the generosity is appreciated, it in no way affects the review.

But enough about that how’s it smoke?

Grade: 9.4

Pre-Light: (1.9) The wrapper on the Musa Mousa is oily to the touch, bumpy, and features a number of prominent veins. It is a very dark, deep Rosado, that almost looks Maduro in appearance. The torpedo feels well packed with little give on the squeeze I’m definitely a fan of the simple yet classy band updated band.

The scent off the foot offers up aromas of grass, hay, floral, and herb notes along with a hint of melted marshmallow that hits the back of the nose. The scent is very, very, sweet and rather unique.

The pre light draw offers up a thick sugary flavor with tea and hay.

Burn: (1.8) The ash on the La Musa Mousa holds past the inch. The burn is slightly uneven but doesn’t run. The draw one the torpedo is just right with just a pinch of resistance. The la Musa Mousa did get a little hot at the nub in the last inch of the smoke. The body of the smoke is full as is the flavor. Strength is more of a medium full the creeps up as the cigar progresses.

Flavor: (2.8) At first light there is an earthiness to the core of the smoke with fantastic raisin and floral notes and a little pepper to the finish. The second puff finds the floral and plum moving back in the palate with the pepper up front and a bit of chocolate and coffee emerging. Third puff finds the same assortment of favors dancing around in a different order. At this point I am loving the flavors and am intrigued by the way they keep transitioning in different strengths.

Once again Floral, raisin, earthy tobacco, chocolate, coffee and pepper in varying elements through the first inch. The finish has a slight candy like taste to it. The sweet and tangy fruit element I keep referring to as raisin seems to be deepening

Now smoking into the second third and the floral has toned down. The raisin seems to be the central note with some dry cocoa emerging against the coffee. There is a gentle pepper and spice on the finish. Rich flavors through the nose with just a slight peppery burn.

Smoking into the final third the raisin, cocoa, coffee, pepper, and a gentle spice remain as the key notes. There is a little less shifting amongst te flavors as we get closer to the end. The La Musa Mousa offers tons of flavor in a harmonious, albeit ever-shifting, balance. The constant shifting provides for a good bit of complexity to he La Musa Mousa.

Overall: (2.9) I had smoked the AF lines by Emilio, and they are very good cigars on their own, but the La Musa Mousa is truly something special. The flavors were borderline amazing and the constant shifting of strength amongst the flavors made the La Musa more than just a smoke, it was an adventure in flavor. To say I enjoyed the La Musa would be an understatement of significant proportion. To put things in perspective, had I smoked the La Musa before I published my top 10 of 2012 it would have been on the list, and likely in the top 5. I suspect will be seeing it again as we put our end of 2013 lists together. I’m sure you’ve heard this before Gary, but congratulations on a fantastic cigar! I’ll be hunting for these in some other Vitolas to determine which size I’ll be buying a box of.

Total: 9.4

Editors Note: The cigars for review were provided by Emilio Cigars. No request for review was made by Emilio Cigars. While the generosity is appreciated, it in no way affects the review.