Toasted Foot Top 10 of 2012 – Honorable Mentions

Toasted Foot Top 10 of 2012 – Honorable Mentions

 Honorable Mentions:

There are a few cigars that were either near misses, or otherwise noteworthy, and while they didn’t make my top 10 list, but I’d like to give them a mention.




Arturo Fuente-Solaris
  Reviewed by my buddy Da Mayor from the Gar Shop, this well aged Belicoso from Fuente, and part of Smoke Inn’s Micro blend series was probably my favorite Fuente this past year, and I’m not a big Fuente guy.  A perfect early day cigar the Solaris brings all the smooth, subtle, gently nuanced flavor premium Fuente’s offer.


Crowned Heads Headley Grange Estupendo
  I Found the unique almost citrusy note in this excellent cigar blended by Erneto Perez-Carillo to be memorable and am looking forward to the expanded release in 2013.



Ezra Zion-Inception
Fantastic blend for a newly launched brand.  Smooth smoke with a lot of flavor. I hope their new distribution with Emilio Cigars means the Inception makes it to a B&M near me soon.


Espinosa Ciagrs La Zona (Habano)
  I reviewed pre-release samples that were good.  They have gotten much better with a little rest!

My Father Cigars La Duena No. 7
  I had to give the Duena her due.  She was in the top 10 right up until my final revision.  Another example of my appreciation for Broadleaf and smaller ring gauges!


Nestor Miranda Special Selection Connecticut Coffee Break
  My favorite Connecticut over the last few months of 2012.



Tatuaje Cojonu 2012-Broadleaf  Simply put, I can’t get enough good Broadleaf, and this is good Broadleaf.