Cigar Review: Drew Estate MUWAT Digital Son 6

Cigar Review: Drew Estate MUWAT Digital Son 6

Drew Estate MUWAT Digital Son 6

Size: Corona (5 ” x 42)

Wrapper: Mexican-San Andres

Binder: Conneticut Shade

Filler: Brazilian Mata-Fina, Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium-Full

Price:  $6.95

Grade: 9.1

At the end of last year and broke the news of a line extension to the popular My Uzi Weighs a Ton (MUWAT) joint collaboration produced by Drew Estate and Joya de Nicaragua.  This, the 6th frontmark, would be a slightly tweaked blend of the MUWAT in a Corona Vitola and is produced exclusively for Outland Cigars, a retailer based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Here’s what had to say when they broke the news:

My Uzi Weighs A Ton, the collaboration between Drew Estate Tobacco Company’s Subculture Studios and the Joya de Nicaragua factory has announced a sixth frontmark to their line of cigars.  The vitola is a 5 x 42 corona dubbed the “Digital Son 6” and will be packaged in 10 count packages carried exclusively by Outland Cigars in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to Drew Estate Chairman Jonathan Drew, “As you can imagine, I am extremely excited about the 6th installment of the MUWAT frontmark.  From a brand concept that was considered unrational and raw, the brand caught the attention of consumers on two continents in an organic manner.  While you are aware that before Bait Fish was sold on a national manner, it was an exclusive   for Dan (Welsh) at NHC.  Today, however, we have no exclusive sizes.  With great pleasure, I would like to announce together the release of the Digital Son 6.”

The DS-6 blend was done by Mario Lopez at the Joya de Nicaragua factory, and according to Drew, “the blend is specific and distinct.  There are many elements of the EF, but with a new leaf added from a different farm in Esteli.  Wrapper is  San Andreas, binder is Connecticut – just like all the other MUWAT.”

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Pre-Light:  (1.8)  The Mexican San Andres wrapper is a dark marduro with a lot of tooth, some graininess, and a wonderful marbling to the eye.  The Corona is well packed with no soft spots and frankly I’m so eager to smoke this I kind of glanced over doing a significant visual inspection, although I will say I couldn’t help but notice the irony of the “XXL” on the band on this much smaller format of the MUWAT, there was a nice bit of irony to that.

The scent off the foot was classic hay and barnyard, just what I’d expect from this quality cigar.  In the pre-light draw there is a definite sweetness to the thick, grassy, draw.

Burn: (1.9)   The Digital Son 6 was a champion in the burn category.  The draw was effortless but not overwhelming and plumes of tasty smoke filed the mouth with each puff.  As is often the case with Drew Estate cigars, even the resting smoke was impressive as smoke seemed to pour off the lit foot even at rest.   The dark greay ash passed the inch test with no issues.  There were times where the burn line got a little wavy, but all in all the construction, draw, and burn were excellent.

Flavor:  (2.7)   The MUWAT Digital Son 6 opened up with a bit of chalkiness and earth that was wrapped in a light peppery delivery.  The pepper settled to the back of the palate.  Puffs of oak and dark roasted coffee bean began to step to the forefront along with a little interplay from a licorice note that came and went in the background.

Smoking into the second third and the DS6 and the core of the smoke is meaty, with great texture and a rich oak core.   While the body of the smoke has been full all along,  the strength, which started at medium, is starting to ramp itself up.  Pepper and spice also seem to be gaining in strength.  There are occasional elements of dark roast coffee, black licorice, and occasionally a fleeting dry cocoa.

In the final act the MUWAT DS6 reaches a crescendo where all the aforementioned notes seem to elevate, peak, and compete for attention.  Body is full, strength is full, and flavor, which is dominated by a meaty oak core, is full.

Overall: (2.7)  I’ll be honest, I hadn’t previously been the biggest fan of the MUWAT line, largely because I don’t prefer large ring gauges, and I find that maybe subconsciously I am unfairly comparing them to the Ligas that I love so much.  The Digital Son 6 changed all of that!  The Corona offers a ton of flavor with some surprising complexity despite its dominant rich core.  It also was an example of amazing craftsmanship, one  of the better constructed smokes I’ve had recently.  I think I ashed  three times through the entire smoke.  Congrats to JD, the DE & JdN team, and of course Outland Cigars for bringing the MUWAT Digital Son 6 to market!

Total: 9.1

On a side note I would like to thank a friend who attended the Outland Cigars launch party and graciously provided me with the samples smoked for review.  You know who you are, bring me a bundle when you come visit!