Cigar Review: Quesada Heisenberg Corneta Cuadrada

Cigar Review: Quesada Heisenberg Corneta Cuadrada

Quesada Heisenberg Corneta Cuadrada

Size: Corneta Cuadrada (5 3/4″ x 44/48/55)

Wrapper: N/A

Binder: N/A

Filler: N/A

Strength: Medium

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Price:  $6.95 MSRP

Hang tight readers, in the spirit of the Heisenberg Principle, we are going to “Embrace Uncertainty” and change things up just a little on this review!

The Heisenberg, which is the newest release from Quesada, is named after a quantum physics principle related to mathematical uncertainty.  The concept behind the marketing of this cigar is that the information regarding blend, origin, and release quantity is going to be withheld with the goal of bringing the smoker back to the basics: Just sit back, and enjoy.  The details don’t matter if you enjoy the smoke now do they?

Frankly I love the idea behind the marketing here, but only because of it’s uniqueness.  If this were a common strategy I don’t think it would work since so many cigar smokers are driven by what they know about the Cigars they like, be it the type of wrapper or the origin of the filler, we are often blend driven and even more so driven by the whole limited edition idea.  That said, I applaud the folks at Quesada for stepping outside the box and embracing creativity as they ask us, the consumer, to “Embrace Uncertainty”.

But enough about that how’s it smoke?

Grade:  In the spirit of embracing uncertainty we are not going to assign scores to the Heisenberg.

Pre-Light:  For the review I smoked two Corneta Cuadrada’s which were provided by the Quesada family.  I also smoked two Corona’s at a release party for the cigar.   I did not notice significant deviations in the appearance of these cigars however some other internet reports suggest significant variation in the appearance of the wrapper.  I chose to embrace the uncertainty!  I’ll focus on the Corneta Cuadrada for the balance of this review.

The wrapper is dark, with a Lot of texture, veins both large and small can be found running up and down the wrapper leaf.   The seams are tight with a perfect triple cap.  The Heisenberg feels well packed and there appears to be a variety of tobaccos within.

Pre light draw and are scent off the foot are.. …uncertain!

Burn:  The burn on the Heisenberg was a bit uneven, the draw was open and there were terrific smokes plumes coming off the Heisenberg,  The salt and pepper ash holds firm and passes the inch test.  I did have to touch up the flame on the samples I smoked as well as the Coronas I had at the release party (could have been a side effect as I was talking to all night).

Flavor:  At first light the Heisenberg draws a full, smooth, plume of smoke with a gentle spice, and just bit of pepper through the nose.  A little floral note teases at the inch mark. At times there is a dryness, other times a hint of saltiness, and at other times a bit of nuttiness to the profile.

The pepper seems to change up a bit through the smoke as well, never getting strong, but being a bit dynamic with a smooth subtlety at times and a bit more pronounced in other puffs.  The Heisenberg leaves a clean feeling to the palate despite all its nuanced flavors.

A bit more floral emerges later in the smoke. Elements of a sweet tobacco also come into play late and the spice on the finish adds a little something to the close of each bouquet. Flavors remain crisp, defined, complex, and full of transitions all the way to the end.  I really like that my palate still felt fresh  after finishing the Heisenberg and I could easily enjoy most any cigar later that day without a lingering aftertaste clouding the experience.

Overall:   So the question is this, am I going embrace uncertainty?   Absolutely.  Frankly I really loved the Heisenberg.  This is a cigar that is going to have a home in my regular rotation.  For me, the Heisenberg will have a place as a “go to” afternoon cigar and will allow me to slow down my consumption of Espanas and Jalapas which I reach for every Saturday!

And while I don’t usually spend a lot of time talking about price, at $5.50 MSRP for the Corona (my preferred Vitola) , this is an absolute box purchase, and likely many boxes over the months.  Well done Quesada family!

Editors Note: As mentioned, I attended the release party recently held in Miami for the Heisenberg.  I had not previously smoked the blend despite having review samples in my possession.  I smoked two Coronas while talking tobacco, cigars, life, and more with Manolo Quesada.  Two guys from different walks of life, talking, and enjoying a good cigar.  I believe that at it’s heart, that’s what the “embrace uncertainty” campaign is all about!

While we are appreciative of the samples and the hospitality, it has no influence on the review.

Total: Embrace Uncertainty!