Cigar Review: Ezra Zion Cigars-Honor Series “Reagan”

Cigar Review: Ezra Zion Cigars-Honor Series “Reagan”

Ezra Zion Cigars-Honor Series “Reagan”

Size: President (6 3/4″ x 54)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan 2006 Sun Grown Habano

Binder:  Nicaraguan 2006 Cuban Seed

Filler: Nicaraguan 2007 Seco, Viso, Ligero

Strength: Medium-Full

Price:  $12.50

Grade: 8.9

Last summer we were approached by the guys from Cigar Federation to review their initial entry into the manufacturing world.  Under the name Ezra Zion they launched released a terrific Nicaraguan puro, The Inception (Click here for our review).  I liked the Inception so much it made my honorable mentions list so needless to say I was excited when I got the news that the Ezra Zion team was linking up with Gary at Emilio Cigars to distribute their line.

A little while back I received a care package from Emilio Cigars and in that package was a cigar that absolutely stood out.  Upon examination it was a new offering from my friends at Ezra Zion, the Reagan.  The Reagan is the first of the line dubbed the “Honor” line.  The Reagan was rolled at Matasa by the Quesada family which makes the cigar even that much more intriguing to me!

See the Ezra Zion team discuss the inspiration for the Reagan here !

But enough about that, let’s toast the foot!

Pre-Light:  (1.8)  First thought was this cigar is not only massive, but really impressive looking.  The cigar is adorned with a large band featuring the Ezra Zion crest.  There is also a foot band denoting the cigars name.

There is a beautiful golden brown wrapper  with a bit of marbling in the color, and a few prominent veins.  Well applied triple cap at the top.

Scent off the foot is sweet grass and hay.  There is a sweet creaminess on the pre-light draw.

Burn: (1.9)   After a clip of the cap, and a good toasting the draw is effortless.  The white-grey ash holds well passed an inch.  While there is a slight waviness in the burn at times, the Reagan’s burn line evens out nicely and is a fine example of excellent construction.  There is plenty of volume to the creamy smoke.  The Reagan burns cool to the finish.

Flavor:  (2.6)   On first light there’s a peppery spice and then a creamy textured semi sweet and slightly grassy smoke as the Reagan opens up.  The Reagan continues to give out a creamy smoke with an assortment of peppery spice.   The spice isn’t strong, but nicely defined.

Smoking through the second third and the Reagan is impressive in its consistency.  The smoke remains creamy and smooth with a slight mustard seed undertone on the palate and a nice range of pepper spices.  Retro hale is grassy on the front with pepper tickling the finish.

The final third continues with a steady offering of creamy smoke and a blend of peppery spice.  The mustard seed has receded.  The Reagan remains a fine blend of subtle and sweetness with complex peppery notes balancing it out down to the finish.  Mustard seed reappears and is joined by a little nuttiness in the final few puffs at the nub.

Overall: (2.6)  The Reagan offers a smooth, creamy smoking experience.  It is not full of transitions or surprises, but it is very consistently good throughout.   The appearance and presentation are quite bold while the smoke is smooth and nuanced, a hallmark of some of Matasa’s better blends.

Overall, this is a great second offering from a brand I’ve really taken a liking to.  That said, I really hope they start creating some smaller Vitolas.  The two hour commitment for the Reagan was a bit much for me and while I understand the idea of honoring a bold president with a bold looking cigar, I think sometimes a little less is a little more.   I’d definitely recommend setting aside an afternoon to sit back and enjoy the Ezra Zion Reagan.

Total: 8.9


Editors Note:  The cigars for this review were provided by Emilio Cigars.  While we appreciate the generosity of others it in no way affects our review.